12 Creative Wooden Wash Basins

Although they may seem rather unexciting, wash basins have stood the test of time due to their obvious usefulness, unlike its bidet counterpart which is slowly becoming somewhat of a rarity. They have evolved from early forms of a simple bowl accompanied by a vase, sometimes found outside by pumps, to internally plumbed fixtures that offer clean hot and cold water in an instant.

If you ask someone to picture a wash basin they would most likely envisage a neutral coloured ceramic installation, with metallic fittings and an overall clinical feel. This style is usually adopted to emit the impression of a clean environment. However there are other materials that can be used to spice up your everyday wash basin, giving it an aesthetic overhaul whilst preserving its core function. Marble, metal and glass are all valid choices, but more and more people are opting for wooden basins, allowing them to sculpt impressive creations. Although they require a more careful approach to cleaning due to being prone to chemicals and corrosive fluids, they have an average life of 10-15 years; much longer if they are cared for properly.

We have explored the internet and handpicked our favourite wooden wash basin designs, from both established and young designers.

Designed by: Matteo Thun 

This self-titled ‘Water Jewel’ is part of an extensive range of fixtures designed by Matteo Thun. It opts for a simplistic design with emphasis on curved edges and smooth surfaces, and is a great example of ‘less is more’.

Designed by: Ammonitum 

Ammonitum offer a wide range of unique and intricate wooden bathroom fixtures and accessories, and have broken the mould with the ‘Aquila’ wash basin. Inspired by the sea and surf, its highly polished finish results in a wave like resemblance which is sure to cement it as a prominent feature in any bathroom.

Designed By: Kengo Kuma

This large wooden wash basin designed by Kengo Kuma can be found in The Opposite House, a highly acclaimed luxury boutique hotel located in Beijing. Each room oozes a natural, simplistic feel, with wood being the primary choice for furniture and fixtures.

Designed By: Ilbagnobandini 

The Ebano collection from Ilbagnobandini emphasises linear and squared exteriors with a curvature that gives the impression it was carved by the water itself.

Designed by: Ammonitum 

‘Bootes’ is an alternative design from Ammonitum, which once again draws upon the sea for inspiration. Its narrow, oblong shape represents the hull of a boat, and also helps save space in small scale bathrooms and toilets.


Designed By: Grinera.de 

The ‘Viola’ by Grinera is constructed from solid oak, giving the impression that it was intricately constructed piece by piece. Its light, neutral finish means it can easily fit in with almost any bathroom design.

Designed By: Antonio Bullo

Antonia Bullo created this stunning wash basin made from solid teak. The polished finish reveals the naturally engrained layers, which almost creates the illusion that basin’s surface is convex.


Designed by: Giuseppe Pasquali

Combining both glass and birch plywood, this design by Giuseppe Pasquali on behalf of Agape features sweeping curves and integrated soap dish, towel rail and tooth brush holder.

Designed By: WS Bath Collections

The ‘Limbus 3’ wooden wash basin prides itself on its basic yet effective design. Boring down into the solid oak-birch wood has revealed its alternating dark and light layers, adding a level of sophistication to an otherwise simplistic design.

Designed By: GALIUM

The thick walls of this design by GALIUM accentuate its solid construction, and would look great in a modern environment. It’s available in 14 types of wood, including Ash, Maple, Oak, Teak and Padouk.

Designed By: UWD

This self standing pedestal design is created entirely from solid sapele wood, harvested from trees native to tropical Africa.  Its almost trumpet like appearance would make a unique addition to any bathroom.

Designed By: Simpolo

Despite its rather uncreative name of ‘Shallow 106’, this hand crafted basin from designers at Simpolo consists of a wooden exterior coupled with a traditional ceramic interior. Its rather deep appearance makes you question how they came to name it.


We hope this collection of unique and creative wash basins has inspired you to look at yours in a different light, and highlight the fact that they needn’t conform to the traditional bland design.


This post was written by Anne Haimes of AnneHaimesInteriors.co.uk.




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