Hotel Design: Four Seasons Hotel by Wilkinson Eyre Architects

The Four Seasons Hotel that was recently opened in Guangzhou, China has been designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects. It is specifically located in the Guangzhou International Finance Center in China. This award winning hotel design is a 440m skyscraper that boasts 33 floors. The boutique hotel is rated more than 5-stars. For me, it looks organically contemporary especially with how the design concept has been implemented.

The hotel interiors were completed through the collaboration of Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Hirsch Bedner Associates. As a result, they created a spacious hotel with floor to ceiling windows allowing for natural light to seep through but in addition would pave the way for unhindered views. At night, the lighting scheme allowed the building to get the highlighting it deserved.

The hotel interior design is like an artful collection of prints, sculptures and paintings from modern international artists thus enhancing the modernistic approach of the interiors while complementing the dramatic architecture of the building. The project took more than six years to complete according to Wilkinson Eyre Architects but I think the result is worth the wait. You can just look at those walls, high ceilings and abundant light. It makes you think that this is definitely a home away from home setting.

I have seen many 5-star luxury hotels but this one is so remarkable especially when the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was put into place. As a result, the interior has smooth transition of spaces without appearing cluttered. It is “elegant” but to say this is a huge understatement. At a glance, I knew this place is not only a beautiful hotel but a place where you can go “home” to during the holidays or one of your precious vacations. With this said, it is crystal clear that the hotel and its interior design is what makes it very special.

I know that a hotel will only become a comfortable space to stay at if it is closely connected to the warmth and coziness of a “home.” This hotel, although modern and sophisticated, has what it takes for luxury living without sacrificing convenience and comfort in whatever aspect you look at it. The elegant simplicity of the building is something worth noting for and I guess this would provide inspiration for those with inclination to appreciate interior and architectural design.

Photography by Will Pryce

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