Bacterioptica by MadLab

MadLab, a design firm co-founded by Jose Alcala and Petia Morozov, created this contemporary dining room chandelier. Bacterioptica is truly revolutionary in its inspiration and design.  At first glance, it seems as if it is only made of metal rods, couplings, caps, glass and fiber optic cable. Upon closer inspection one may notice that the glass parts are actually petri dishes of many sizes and there are 15,000 feet of fiber optic cable. The branching assembly is modular and malleable and most strikingly, holds the capacity for over one hundred bacterial samples. The bacteria contained within the petri dishes of the light itself are living, breathing, growing and changing over time. The switch controls the light but not the growth of its organisms. The chandelier is fully customizable by the owners and truly breaks the mold of design.

A family who owns this piece is given step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the bacterial samples that are placed within the petri dishes of the chandelier. The family can watch the ever changing luminosity and shape of their own creation as it grows with them, but contained in the fixture.  For a light fixture to become a living organism within our homes, not so dissimilar from our plants, pets or even ourselves, is remarkably inventive territory. MadLab certainly lives up to their name with this creation and I really look forward to more amazing work from them.

The fiber optic cable for this project is supplied by Del Lighting.

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