Dentelle 3D printed Lampshades by Samuel Bernier


Samuel Bernier began the design for his lamp series, Dentelle, from a broken IKEA Rigolit Lamp Shade. Unable to obtain a replacement for the broken shade easily, his process of creating a new shade began using a 3D printer. When his initial design was complete, he began using the shade in his own apartment. That was the inspiration for the Dentelle series, which is now available in 12 different shade versions featuring the same shape, but with differing the textures and colors.  The broken lampshade at his apartment led him on an exploration of low cost Filament Deposit Manufacturing (FDM) and provided him with the opportunity to compare several 3D printing machines, including UP!, Makerbot and Objet Connect. In the end, it took between 4 and 12 hours to print the lampshades that weigh between 50g and 100g.  Currently, Samuel Bernier, is working for Le FabShop, a French digital manufacturing startup. The lamp kit can now be ordered from Le FabShop and includes, one lamp shade made from either PLA or ABS, a 2 meter textile cord with socket, fish and switch.

Posted by KarenShearer at 28 December, 2012

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  1. One version of this lampshade is available via Thingiverse for home 3D printing with a printrbot or Makerbot

    Comment by Andreas Herz on January 22, 2013 at 4:52 pm


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