Kickstarter Project to keep us connected the Good Night Lamp

These days many of us live far away from our extended families. It is definitely not like the old days when I was a child and visited my grandparents and cousins every week. Both sets of my children’s grandparents live pretty far away, let alone other extended family members. Sometimes I wonder how this will impact the way they see the world and if they will feel connected to their roots as they grow older. This seems to be a trend, more and more frequently people are transplanted all over the world and sometimes that can lead to a feeling of disconnection between family and friends. In comes the Good Night Lamp which is a KICKSTARTER project from The Good Night Lamp Team out of the UK. These lamps are connected via the internet. When you turn on the main lamp the other smaller lamps turn on too. What a great way to say good morning or good night to grandma and grandpa, who may be a continent away. Or maybe to just help keep and eye on grandma or grandpa, so that as they age you know that they are ok everyday even without the daily telephone call or text. Maybe it can help pull us just a little bit closer and demonstrate that we are thinking of each other, even when we don’t necessarily have the time or think to make that telephone call.


For those of you not familiar with KickStarter, it is an online funding program for creative projects that originally launched back in April 2009. The platform is full of wonderfully ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that can be supported by you, as opposed to waiting for large corporations to decide to invest in a project or product. It puts the power in the hands of the people and there are rewards for investors based on each individual project. If you haven’t heard of KickStarter, then check them out!

The funding period for the Good Night Lamp ends on Wednesday Feb 6, 10:11pm EST. So if this is a project you would like to see become a reality, jump over to KickStarter and help them out!


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