Lighting for Interior Design

Interior design begins with balance of colors, sizes, shapes and dimensions. Today’s most popular interior designs are traditional, country provincial, modern and ultra modern. Each style has its own niche in residential interiors. Think of interior design as a creative and highly artistic balance of style and comfort. There are two basic operatives in interior design: contrast and coordination. Coordination provides symmetrical flow of colors and textures. Contrast provokes vivid, deliberate differences between colors and textures.

Interior Design Lighting 

Compatible lighting in a home acts as a pivot point upon which furnishings, window treatments and accessories balance. Lighting should be controllable for different ranges of mood and convenience. Other factors are efficiency and safety. There are several types of lighting that meld with room atmosphere:

. Normal sunlight . Incandescent bulbs . Fluorescent tubes . LED (light-emitting diode)

If cost and eco-friendly lighting are a consideration, LED lighting is a popular alternative. Flooding rooms with various ranges of light offers a final touch to interior designs for contrast or coordination. Lutron dimmers are cost-effective and provide this range of light to suit most individual preferences. Additionally, they make lighting more controllable.

A Room With A Superior View 

No matter which room in the house needs a little interior design refurbishment, begin with personal style preferences that will endure. Choose colors that give rooms a superior, stylish view. As an example, if your style preference is country provincial, a pale shade of French blue might be the axis upon which colors are chosen for window treatments, wall coverings and room accessories.

If ultra-modern is the preference, a bright white with dashes of tangerine and emerald green can make up the interior design for a room. Dramatic colors like aubergine are complimented by mouse grey and ivory in fabrics for windows and furnishings. Keep the intensity of room lighting in mind when choosing these contrasting or coordinating colors for a room in the house. How will these colors look in bright sunlight or when dimmed to an evening twilight glow?

The Mad, Mad World Of Modern Eclectic Interior Design 

Today’s trend is a menage of wild animal prints stabilized by dramatic brown and black. Added to this are conglomerates of textures like gauzy window treatments and travertine flooring. The end result is a deliberate affront to tradition and reservation and a projectile into a futuristic approach to interior design.



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