Ori Lighting by Mika Barr from Producks Design Studio

Mika Barr and Producks Design Studio have teamed up to bring us the groundbreaking Ori Lighting series, which includes a pendant, floor light and tables lamp. Mika Barr has developed the unique 3D textile designs which are used for the shades of these creative contemporary light fixtures. The three fixtures in the Ori lighting series began with Mika’s Folding Apart fabric. ‘Or’ in Hebrew means light and ‘Ori’ in Japanese means folding, so the name Ori is the perfect combination of these two and thus name and definition of the lighting series was born.

Although the shades are manufactured to be identical, the fixtures are interactive. The folding fabric shade is given its final or perhaps ever evolving shape by the user. The folding process obviously impacts the external shape and look of the fixture, but when turned on there is an entirely different appearance. This is due not only to the variance in light filtration created by the folds, but also because the inner structure of the fabric is subsequently backlit and revealed. Another other brilliant design component of this series is that the bulb is entirely enclosed within the pillow like shade and is accessed via a hidden zipper to be used when bulb replacement is needed. I’ll admit, I love these lights. They are like beautiful floating clouds within your home and to me, express a wonderful sense of lightness and freedom. The bases of the floor and table lights are minimal and available in either black or gold. My personal favorite is the pendant light because it truly looks like a cloud gently floating in your home. This series certainly has that specialĀ x factor, the exclamation point that makes it such a desirable product for the end user.

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