Pop Up Lighting designed by Chen Bikovski

If any of you are like me, as a kid I loved pop-up books. Now due to the creative genius of Israeli born, Chen Bikovski, we have Pop Up Lighting. It is beautiful and functional wall or table top decor. Perfect for a nightlight in any room of the house and just to look stunning. The lights are made of plastic which appears to be folded in an origami like fashion. ¬†When you pull, push or slide the tab, the true shape of the fixture is revealed through both its pop-up pieces and light activation. The extensions of the pattern of light are reflected on the parts of the fixture and the wall, revealing the true nature of the light fixture, be it a deer, owl or peacock. They are all delightful. Why not add some more fun and playfulness to your life, we could all use a bit more of that now and then. The hanging fixture would be perfect for a dark hallway at night and what child wouldn’t love to have one of these in their room. The deer fixture is certainly an inventive twist on a somewhat common American practice of mounting such an object on the wall. Personally I think this light is more appealing then its predecessor.



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