The Cartonado Pendants and Table Lamp from Vicara

Vicara is a Portuguese company that is focused on exploring the frontiers of design. They accomplish this by using unexpected materials and innovative production processes in attempt to delve into new ways of thinking about design. To use a common phrase, they try to think or design outside the box, but in this case they actually use the box itself.

Constructed of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, the Cartonado Suspension Lamp series, was designed by Fábio Afonso. The design can be personalized if you so desire, but in its original form the cardboard coloration of these contemporary pendants is warm and casts a natural glow throughout the room.

Fábio Afonso also designed the Cartonado Table Lamp. This lovely little lamp is compact and light weight for packaging and shipping and would be perfect as a reading lamp, desk lamp or for a bedside table. Actually, this lamp would be perfect for my son’s bedside table. It could easily be attached to the table and has built in cushioning just in case if it falls on the floor next to his trampoline or rather bed.

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