Woodendot : Ka Lamp Collection by Florence Deau

The Ka Lamp collection was unveiled this month by Spanish Company Woodendot. The company was founded by Madrid-based designers Daniel García & Maria Jose Vargas to design and create wooden accessories and furnishings. The Ka lamps, a contemporary minimalist collection designed by Florence Deau, is available in three sizes. The lamps are all hand made of beech wood, natural leather, a textile cable and either a black or white lacquered metal shade with a cotton diffuser. Black and white lacquer are their standard finishes, but other color options are available as a special order.

The structure of the Ka Lamp Series is streamlined with wooden slats which are tethered with a leather cord. Each of the three lamps is designed to play an individual role that complements the others in both functional and style.

The Ka XL has been designed to provide ambient light. It is available in two different versions, the Essential and the Functional. The Essential is the more streamlined of the two, while the Functional has the addition of a natural leather shelf near its base to offer, as its name infers, increased functionality. The Functional also has a splash of added color on its legs. The Ka M is also available in the Functional and Essential styles, but it has been designed to provide a more focused light for reading.

Last but not least, the Ka S is a table lamp that has a unique concave wooden base. This allows for easy storage of those essential items we all seem to have laying about.  Each lamp is custom made per order to minimize waste and maximize the use of resources. The delivery time is subsequently between 3 to 4 weeks after payment has been received. I admit, I think these lamps are certainly more then worth the wait. There is a certain elegance about them that captures me and their beauty radiates with fine craftmanship.

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