Clayhaus Ceramics

Portland-based Clayhaus Ceramics is now offering handmade ceramic tiles in a modern array of colors and several shapes and sizes. The new company, founded by the husband and wife team of Jason and Megan Coleman, was formed out of Stardust Glass tile when the Colemans left the glass business. Now with a focus on ceramic products, Clayhaus is offering beautiful tiles to order in a studio and facility that is completely powered by renewable energy.(via)

Clayhaus uses 50% post-consumer, recycled glass bottle content in their crackle palette line of glazes. In addition, as you might expect, all products are lead free and the company reclaims and reuses scrap waste clay that is created during production.

The company offers trim pieces and loose and sheeted field tiles in circular, rectangular, square, cloud, and push button shapes of various sizes.


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