80th Anniversary of the Artek Stool 60

The 1930s marked a breakthrough for Alvar Aalto both as an architect and a designer. The simple, stackable and durable wooden stool represented a new approach to furniture design, and a continuation of the brand of modernism initiated by Bauhaus. The stool represents a durable and modern technical solution that later on led to the creation of many other classic designs.

Special Edition Artek Stool 60 by Mike Meiré (shown above)

The new Special Edition of the Stool 60 by German designer  Mike Meiré plays with the stool’s plain forms.

“I believe you should only change classics when people have become very familiar with them. Suddenly, they can rediscover something they already know. This kind of surprise creates a moment of newness,“ says Meiré of his thought process behind the edition.

“Three legs circling around a round seat – the stool is in permanent movement. Therefore I decided to create a little disorder within this structure by giving each leg its own colour. When moving around the stool, it constantly reveals new perspectives. Like when the day develop from morning to evening, our emotions change accordingly too.”

Special Edition Artek Stool 60 by Nao Tamura


New York based designer  Nao Tamura draws inspiration from nature for her Artek Stool 60 design entitled ‘Rings’. The top of the stool is a cross section of the inside of a tree, where the concentric circles or ‘rings’ mark the passing of 80 years.

As Tamura eloquently puts it, “This celebration was created by layering upon the chair’s beautiful geometric shape, a complex and organic graphic of life. My hope is that the Artek ‘Stool 60′ will evoke the bounty of nature as seen by the passage of 80 years of time.”

Special Edition Artek Stool 60 by Comme des Garçons

This collaboration beween Artek Design Director Ville Kokkonen and Founder of Comme des Garçons Rei Kawakubo has resulted in a fresh, fun and unconventional take on the Artek Stool 60.

The white lacquered stool with black polka dots reflects Kokkonen’s anarchic approach toward fashion and design ensuring that this Special Edition will be coveted for its bold style.


Special Edition Artek Stool 60 by Tom Dixon

Having been Artek’s Creative Director beween 2004 – 2009, it seems fitting that British designer  Tom Dixon should be one of the talents involved in this celebration of Stool 60’s longevity.

Dixon sets his stool apart with his signature use of ‘Fluoro’ orange. The vibrant hue is sure to catch attention and would invigorate any living environment.

Special Edition Artek Stool 60 by Mads Nørgaard

‘I Like Stripes Vol. 2′ by Danish fashion designer Mads Nørgaard features a striking black striped top. Stripes being a trademark of Nørgaard’s designs, the stool infuses Nørgaard’s flair for a fashion statement with the simple functionalism of Aalto’s original design.

Mads Nørgaard says of this collaboration with Artek, “Having heroes is important, and I am pleased and honoured to finally work with one of my biggest heroes – Artek of Finland. The world of fashion can sometimes seem a little too hasty and superficial, but then I seek the tranquil waters of the quintessence of Scandinavian design in its Finnish variation – the work of Alvar Aalto – and then it all makes sense again.”

All special editions are available through The Lollipop Shoppe



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