Changing your bed to suit your room

If you are changing your bed to suit your room, you might want to consider a storage bed. Ideal for creating extra space, storage beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those with both limited floor area and storage.

If you are downsizing or simply want to create space in an existing room, changing to a storage bed could be the perfect solution. By utilising the otherwise wasted space underneath the bed, you will need less storage in the room such as drawers, cupboards or shelves immediately creating extra floor space and minimising bedroom clutter.

Beds and mattresses are available in a variation of sizes; single, double, king and super king, and in a range of styles and designs so whatever your need, there will be a bed to suit any room.

Even the smallest of rooms, if designed well, can provide a positive space. Children’s bedrooms should ideally have enough floor space to play. A storage bed can certainly provide this with a range of children’s beds available with a useful amount of space underneath for storing clothes, toys and games. Vibrant, colourful beds are not only practical, but also ideal to brighten up any children’s room.

Alternatively, if the bed is for an adult’s room, designs are continually becoming increasingly modern and bespoke. The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and it is important that the room and bed is representative of the owner. Dream’s has a range of storage beds that are ideal for those with an eye for design who are looking for a practical solution to their storage problems.

With quality materials, contemporary colours and a range of sizes available, the versatility of the storage beds on the market provides buyers with a range of options when purchasing a new bed to suit a specific room.

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