Doban Architecture introduces Shift by Think Fabricate

Susan Doban and Jason Gorsline are the partners of  Think Fabricate who have created the Shift Collection. The series consists of Shift Corner, Shift Connect, Shift 48, 36 and 30.  The Shift Corner is my favorite of the group. It is a wall mounted shelving unit that fits beautifully into any corner of your room making it a stylish place to store your belongings and aide in controlling the clutter. The Shift Connect is a similar ensemble of eight pieces but it lays flat along the wall in three lengths that alternate encasements and connecting ends. This product can cover an entire wall to create both an excellent storage solution and beautiful wall decor. There is also the option of a 10 piece unit, the Shift Connect Plus. Shift 48, 36 & 30 are all similar in design, but their differences directly correlate with their respective widths. They are all 60 inches in height and great for use in tighter spaces where a touch of style is still desirable.

All of the sculptural units interlock to create a place for storage and display. The unit pictured above is a mix of greys and vermillion red with an ash veneer. It is made from Laquered MDF and comes in standard colors palettes that coordinate with standard wood veneer. The Shift 30 as pictured below is an example of a walnut veneer with the added texture of bamboo plywood to further enhance its aesthetic appeal.  All of these products are fabricated in Brooklyn, NY and have a lead time of 8-12 weeks, but bespoke creations are available as well.


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