How to create your personal space

Everyone wants their own personal space where you can be yourself, close your eyes and dream about the wonders of the world. Then one eye opens and all you see is clutter on the floor. That’s not to say you are untidy it’s just the standard working home we live in. Most people use the excuse that their house is too small and that they have too many things scattered around.

This can all be accomplished because creating a relaxing atmosphere doesn’t have to be difficult small changes can make a huge difference. Decide on where you want to create your peaceful place, if you want it in more than one room that’s fine.

Corners are often stuffed with unnecessary items just because it looks convenient but in fact you are taking up valuable space.

If you have old newspapers and magazines lying around that you think you will read again but know you won’t store them away or recycle. Our minds often fall into anxiety if we are in an environment with stuffed items. Using an under bed storage facility makes it

Feel like a power nap or somewhere to put your feet up then create a sofa from cushions or place large bean bags in your room.

Hang up fabrics with patterns on  interior curtain poles so that it enhances the room, this can be done via DIY to reflect your personality. Using colours such as blue and green remind us of nature. If you don’t fancy painting then use a throw over blanket, pillows and a rug to compensate.

If you love photographs then why not create a collage on a wall instead of displaying photographs everywhere. Imagery can take our minds elsewhere so it might be an idea to invest in some pictures of the sea and your favourite holiday destinations whether you have been or not won’t matter.

If you consider yourself a book worm put your books on a mini shelf which you can paint the same colour as your walls. This will make them appear invisible as they will blend in with the background and make it look like you have more space. If you like daydreaming then turn on a blue floor lamp and for when you want to drift off, this will help you relax.  Did you have a favourite sweet when you were growing up, psychologically we become happier thinking of good childhood memories. So buy fragrances that remind you of them or have a jar of sweets next to your bed.


This was a guest post written by Shehla Ali on behalf of Poles Direct who specialise in curtain poles.








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