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Like Isaac Mizrahi before us, at Chictip we are suckers for inspirations boards! We found this superlative link where they explain the who what where and when of doing a design board for a child’s room and honey, by the time you’re done reading you’ll be as hooked – and as inspired – as we were! For those who don’t know, inspiration boards are comprised of retail items such as art and furniture and lighting fixtures, and also colors, paintings, shapes, all put together on one board. While this can sound like it might overrun you with brilliant ideas, but put into practice –  as you’ll see on the site – it can yield brilliant results. They’ve got plenty of boards samples, theirs and some that they have collected from others, paired with the end result, and it’s enough to make you run out and start a board of your very own! Please check them out: Project Nursery

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