Stones Table by Min | Day

To me, this modern coffee table by Min | Day is a technical masterpiece. The Stones Table, as it is called, is a set of wooden blocks cut into organic shapes with a flat top surface that can be constructed to serve as a single piece or deconstructed to be used individually or as needed.  There are six components or pieces of this wonderful puzzle table. As you can see in the pictures below, the pieces work just as functionally together as apart and are not only a conversation piece, but a lot of fun!

The Stones Table is fabricated by Colley Furniture Studio and is made from Baltic Birch which is laminated horizontally and the plywood edges have been left exposed. The forms have been developed as a 3-dimensional Voronoi tessellation. The algorithm allows for endless variations on this fabulous design. I am amazed, but clearly I do not remember the Voronoi tessellation from my school days.

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