Commercial Design: Casa Del Agua by TH Inc.

Have you ever seen a water store so uniquely stunning and impressive – deviating away from the traditional architectural design? Well, you are in for a treat as I introduce to you Casa Del Agua. It is designed and completed by TH Inc.

This amazing store design can be found in Mexico City with a concept that is inspired by traditional processes. Hence, the Casa Del Agua emerges as a nostalgic brand that is appealing and evoking a sense of oneness with time.

In this concept store, there is the interplay of man, technology and nature in the design – the three elements come together for a single purpose and speaking with clarity. The shop design is the meeting of past and present thus demonstrating a high level honesty and transparency. It is entirely modern but largely classic all at the same time and the designers have carefully thought of developing such concept so that it will represent something that is not only worthy for what it is proposed to be but also for what it is.

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