Commercial Design: Giraffe Childcare Center by Hondelatte Laporte

I will not deny it – the Giraffe Childcare Center is definitely the most unique and authentic commercial design I have come to check out. This design was implemented and completed by Hondelatte Laporte – which is a French architecture studio.

The modern architects have created a wonderfully stunning childcare center. At a glance, you will immediately see the giant yellow giraffe with its head poking out onto the roof. There is also a large white bear and a series of ladybirds that can be found on the playground level, with concrete as a primary material of construction.

The architectural beauty of this commercial design animates the urban landscape providing a spectacular display of imagination especially amongst children. The place is also inviting for passers-by to live off their dream like it’s supposed to be. I definitely like this place – really creative and imaginative.

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