Commercial Design: KU65 Kids Club by Graft

GRAFT has created a spatially strong interior for KU65 Kids Club, which deviates from the traditional notion of a commercial space. If you look at the interiors, all boundaries including the ceiling, the floor and walls dissolves dynamically, thus stimulating the imagination and activity of each visitor or patient.

Simultaneously, this kind of design distracts the visitors from upcoming dental appointment. I am really impressed at how the concept has been approached especially the part where the ceiling is strongly reshaped so that it becomes a hanging booth, which will be accessible and playable. This gives the space a unique fun atmosphere.

The design is perfectly complemented by the plasticity of the space and supported by the consistent color scheme of white-sectional areas as well as the yellow envelope. As I look at the entire space, the graphic design fit like tattoos on surfaces, which created elements that look like climbing rocks on the meta-level.

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