Commercial Design: My Money Park Interiors by OOS

I have not seen a commercial design quite like this since I’ve grown interest in architecture and interior design. My Money Park definitely have the most unique and interesting design concept, which OOS developed with long-term attention given to what was already implemented on the first two branches located at Zurich and Basel.

The design is a fresh approach given to the commercial space that gives priority to the client – as the center of its objectives and considerations – especially in the world of financial advice. OOS has created an exact translation of the corporate values and implemented it on the physical environment thus actively supporting the new client advisory process.

Upon entry to the building premises, the clients are taken directly into a pitch table where they can process the information given to them especially on the investment opportunities presented to them. The interior design supports this kind of activity especially the eight “tree houses” available within so that one-on-one advisory sessions are possible. However, there is also the typical front-to-front advice situation where the tables are custom-made for My Money Park so that the advisors and clients see each other eye to eye.

The interiors are complete with timber structures and well-chosen curtain material that hung with lengths. Personally, I like the cabins that are oozing with snug and personal environment – atypical of a commercial space with strict and stiff design. The acoustic covers and carpets have given the space a sense of privacy allowing conditions to be discreet, hushed and confidential – just the way clients like it.

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