Google Headquarters – Dublin by Camenzind Evolution

Google Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland is a wonder of modern office design. Zurich-based Camenzind Evolution collaborated with local firm, Henry J. Lyons Architects to envision this fresh and edgy office space.

Comprised of four separate buildings on an inner city plot, the 14-story Google Docks building is the newly erected structure, while three other on-campus buildings underwent complete renovations to better unite the brand. These headquarters encompass approximately 506,000 square feet–yes, really!–and houses sales, marketing, finance and engineering employees from over 64 countries.

The Google Docks tower alone features five cafes, 42 kitchenettes, 400+ meeting rooms, interactive lounges, learning centers, plus a gym and pool. Each floor is uniquely themed, including: Appiness, regarding the company’s growing apps; @Home, focusing on relaxed, cozy spaces; Organize, based on Google’s universal organization systems; and of course, Be Green, catering to the firm’s dedication to sustainability. (Google Dublin is currently awaiting LEED Gold and Platinum certifications.)

Other buildings are the Gasworks House, 1GC and Gordon House, which were all renovated and themed with their own individual characteristics including natural landscapes of mountains, sky and water, as well as distinctive multicultural references. A future bridge will effortlessly connect buildings, aiding access amongst staff.

As with any progressive tech company of today, work spaces are anything but ordinary. On the street level, the Google logo in all of its primary-colored glory, is seemingly embedded in the building’s foundation and can be viewed from the outside. A great dose of whimsical interest!

Floors and activity zones vary intensely, highlighted by either straightforward or abstract designs. For instance, one restaurant’s ceiling resembles ocean waves and is bathed in sea hues, while another features built-in pods with curved red booths and futuristic silver walls. A game room is vivid in black, white and yellow, while a different one is more sleek and contemporary with black and white acrylic seating arrangements. Many of the lounges feature customized tiered bench seating, throw pillows and oversize bean bag chairs, allowing for freedom and relaxation. A green room, literally just that, is filled with plant life and covered in lush green carpeting. Staff can also enjoy swings, a putting green, even a music performance room replete with microphone. Work stations are open, interactive spaces–elongated shared desks float across the floor flanked by lampshade fixtures and dual-screen computers.

Google’s Dublin Headquarters are balanced, spectacular spaces, with modern office design enhancing the teams’ communication and creative dynamism.

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