My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop, Vancouver by MCM Interiors

By design, pet stores are not quite known for their fresh, contemporary ambiance. MCM Interiors, , of Vancouver, British Columbia curbed that stereotype with its creation of My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop. This 950 square-foot space (formerly a gloomy lounge) was designed on a limited budget and completely renovated into a clean, bright indoor playground and shop, attracting pet owners and their furry friends.

As if in a parklike setting, a mod interpretation of a soaring wooden tree stands rooted in the center of the shop masking what was an eye-sore of a structural column. Brilliant white, geometric MDF rings aloft represent branches and are painted crisp citrus tones of lime, orange and lemon on the inverse. The plentiful space surrounding this imaginative focal point was intentionally left so pooches and other pets could maximize interactive playtime.

Floors are a gleaming grey, which offset vivid white walls suspended with shadow-box shelving. These curved pale wood nooks of neon yellow-green and cobalt, sharply display the products which are artistically arranged according to colour spectrum. In fact, this modern interior is art gallery-worthy with exposed ductwork, a white walled-perimeter and ceiling, as well as speciality spotlighting and hanging metal pendants to showcase the unique pet wares.

Adding to the fun of this pet-friendly space is a miniature agility course constructed of artificial grass, raised pebbles and treaded ramp with tunnel where companions keep entertained while their owners shop. The adjacent check-out desk glows with a back-lit panel of growing grass and features a primary blue backdrop displaying artwork of the store’s dog logo. On top of the desk are small mushroom-shaped pegs where dogs can be leashed during transactions.

Nearby in the back of the shop is a separate training room with whimsical tree decals on walls, as well as a dedicated exercise room where treadmills can be rented for the pet who woofs for workouts.

With a refreshing approach to modern retail interior design, MCM Interiors’ vision for My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop is surely a fab find for Fido–and his human friends.

images © Ema Peter

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