New Headquarters – BBC Worldwide Americas Inc. – New York City by Perkins Eastman

With the goal of a consolidated workspace, the new BBC Worldwide Americas Inc. headquarters in New York City has been designed by Perkins Eastman. The 40,000 square-foot modern office space encompasses one floor and epitomizes the open plan.

The design embraces a cool, clean aesthetic awash in a backdrop of beige, grey and white with elegant displays of green and blue here and there. There is not one sign of anything quirky which is refreshing considering some of the over-the-top, even garish, attempts at cool office design of late.

The reception lobby is expansive and features a curvaceous wooden partition which hosts a video screen featuring an array of BBC productions. Rich brown leather seating spans this interior, sitting in front of stadium-style risers. Across the room, a velvety rug beholds an arrangement of fabric-covered, modern wing chairs surrounding a huge tufted ottoman. The vibe here is definitely more living room than corporate lounge which is downright inviting.

Another lounge-cafe is clad with a hulking white marble high-top table, surrounded by buttery brown leather modular booths and presided over by a twin set of translucent crystal and chrome chandeliers…in a workplace–love it!

Resin ceilings and conference room doors add a definite layer of unexpected design, while also checking off the office’s sustainability features. These materials are 40% recycled, as are many other surfaces and finishes throughout. Daylight dimmers were also installed in the naturally light-filled space, ensuring ‘round-the-clock energy conservation. All of this ingenuity entitled this progressive office space to a prestigious LEED Gold Certification.

Desk banks are wide, open spaces, ideal for collaboration and idea-sharing. A conference room features a breathtaking graphic of a magnified zebra, while other work zones offer semi-private banquette booths with small white round tables. Lime-green and deep grey drum pendants float across this space, making for a serene yet productive place to think and strategize. A social lounge of white and yellow sits adjacent to rows of shared work desks, and receives a ceiling dotted with opaque white glass-bowl fixtures, bringing forth a light-hearted energy to the company’s environment.

The BBC Worldwide Americas Inc. headquarters in Manhattan are a fresh approach to edgy, modern office design while remaining utmost sophisticated spaces.

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