OddFish Designers Store in Beirut by Maia Aoun Sayad

OddFish is the new destination in Beirut where Odd turns into a lifestyle.
A diverse collection from independent designers from London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and other great capitals with eclectic products ranging from street wear, accessories, furniture, lighting and home décor to prints vintage items and limited editions.
Oddfish is located in Beirut’s port district –  industrial location for a concept store.
why? because unlike all the stores in the region they are not affiliated to brands but rather to designers from all over the world, meaning they mainly showcase new independent.
Designers from various fields may it be fashion, furniture, lighting, home decor, books or stylish gifts as long as it something funky it’s there.!

Items sold are only be available in very limited quantities,allowing a turnover with new designers every 3 to 4 month.
The idea behind this is to keep on surprising their customers with new stuff every time.

The main idea behind the design of the store was to have a friendly, vibrant and versatile space with an Urban/industrial feel in an uncommon location.

The designer, Maia Aoun Sayad, wanted to keep something from the old space so she decided to keep the existing stairs, and mezzanine and to build the functions around it. Therefore, the brick wall was created to redefine the space and highlight the concept, allowing us to have all the functions hidden under the stairs.

Second challenge was to create a display  that will base on the fact that Oddfish is a concept store and that display will always be changing according to the items in store.From there came the idea of the versatile display allowing  to play with the display by unscrewing or adding shelves on the main wall, according to the needs. The idea also extended to the rest of the store with the movable, removable and stackable metal and wood storage boxes.



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