Office Design: Besturenraad/BKO by COEN!

Graphic patterns and vibrant colors take center stage in this new office that was designed to bring two separate organizations in the Netherlands, Besturenraad and BKO, under one roof. Conceived by the 30-year-old Dutch conceptual and architectural designer Coen van Ham of the namesake firm COEN!, the space was created with the goal to unite the two denominational types of education in the Netherlands—Catholic and Protestant—through striking visual connectivity.

Known for their innovative concepts and stunning interiors, COEN! used the book as a metaphor and weaved in biblical references throughout the office design by incorporating such decor elements as stained-glass motifs, metal grids and fretwork inspired by the golden section, and extracted texts printed on to table tops.

Upon closer viewing, there are also wall accents in the office that look like DNA patterns and nooks (such as a copy machine area) that resemble golden altars, which all go to highlight the overarching link between faith and education.

The primary colors used throughout are yellow, green, lilac, and blue. Each of these colors appears on the walls in very specific sections throughout—a portion of the office has bright yellow wall patterns while another has purple ones—and they have been used in a way that seems to almost cleverly define the different areas in the office.

Credits : ArchDaily

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  • T Andrews
    April 11, 2011

    Inspirational office design, be nice to work there. For offices along the same lines in the UK check out KLC.

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