Office Design: Bloo Dental by FORMA Design Inc.

No matter what the environment is, interior design is an opportunity to display your passions in life. When it came to creating an office for the dentist Haress Rahim in Brambleton, Virginia, Andreas Charalambous of the firm FORMA Design sat down with the doctor to pull together a theme for the 2,500-square-foot space. FORMA discovered from chatting with the dentist and his wife that outside of his work he is an avid scuba-diving fan and a lover the color blue. Thus the underwater theme and the name of the office, Bloo (the color’s dictionary pronunciation), were established.

The office treats adults and children and the underwater theme is both stylish and whimsical. While a number of walls are rendered in aqua blue and white swirls that evoke the deep sea, other design elements such as the curvaceous light fixtures, the rounded edges on various walls and the ceiling, and the carved sea-pod details throughout were also incorporated into the space to give the feeling of the ocean and waves. The overall interior design was kept to a minimalist white so that the idea of being submerged in the ocean can be visually amplified.

One of the most striking feats that sets the tone for the rest of the office interiors is the reception area where a video of moving water is projected on to a wall. Another innovative touch that gives the beautiful office its oceanic ambiance is glass partitions that have been treated with a film, which not only ensures privacy between the compartments that house patients but also references the dark underwater theme again.

The overall feeling inside this office is similar to how it would feel like if one were to be in a submarine. The low ceilings and circular cutouts that define doorways and various nooks throughout the space further enhance this metaphor. While the predominant color in the office interiors is white, the effect is more sleek than sterile. From the Corian on the pedestal of the receptionist’s desk to the immaculate floor tiles to the Maya Lin stools that dot the space, the color white is used to stylish appeal. Paired with the accents in vivid ocean blue, the space is as much a vibrant canvas as it is an efficient and organized dentist’s office.

And nothing sums up the stunning interiors better than a recent article in Interior Design magazine in which Charalambous says about the office’s design, “One time, my doctor referred me to a specialist, and I walked in the door and saw the place was a dump. I just turned around and walked out.” We can’t agree with that sentiment more.


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