Office Design: Urban Outfitters Corporate Campus by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle

I stand in awe as I check out what probably be the most amazing office design I have seen – the Urban Outfitters. It was completed and designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle. The 125-year old campus was created from the remnants of a historic navy yard in Philadelphia and I must say it is really impressive – not to mentioned I was rendered speechless.

This made it to my top list of best office designs where it stands within 341,000 square feet space. The beautiful office gathered all employees who were spread out across several buildings in the downtown Philadelphia to a single location.

The office interiors are simply awesome especially when the designers have combined both the site’s history being a Navy Yard and the modern culture upheld by Urban Outfitters. The concept not only architecturally but also in the office interior design has made use of the layering approach – where old meets new.

When the building was renovated, the timeless elements such as signs of age were kept and preserved. They salvaged the timbers and created staircases out of them. The rough paint was maintained to give it a rough appeal and the modern architects have sandblasted the steel beams, which showed rust. Then, they sealed the beams so that they are set in an impeccable color representing aging and timeless design.(via)

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