Office Design: Working at Google, Kirkland, Washington

Working at Google has gotten bigger and better than we all imagined. Steve Yegge – Google engineer – works at the Google Kirkland, Washington office. The great office design included the three little buildings with three cafeterias and at least six or eight kitchen areas filled with treats. It has the dessert bar designed with the 1950s style which shouldn’t be overlooked in any way.

One of the cafes of the commercial design – the Sudo Café – has the DIY burger bar, pizza bar, sandwich bar, salad bar, fruit bar and other various temptations. The company also has the valet service where the valet parks your car if there is no spot available.

The office interior design of Google is colorful which defies the traditional and classic office design making the entire place feel more enjoyable yet calm and relaxing enough to work at. Perhaps, this element is not a big deal for most but the décor at Google allows more productivity than in typical cube-farm offices. The décor at Google office is even magical more like taking a stroll on FAO Schwartz toy store.

The office interiors also feature the ship design or the nautical theme. This area has the hardwood floors that color the boat deck. The big rope spools that were turned sideways into tables and the portholes that look through a hallway decorated with ship-deck furniture onto a large wall mural of downtown Seattle were overall impressive. It has been designed for impromptu meetings and provide privacy if one wish to work alone on the boat. It also is a perfect place for hanging out.

Taking care of your-self never goes beyond this beautiful office as it has the 24-hour gym, doctor’s office and a haircut place. Entertainment is also part of this cool office with the climbing wall, pool tables and foosball tables as well as the fancy massage chairs. The massage salon is also part of this great office as well as long accounts of services from breast-feeding rooms to photo booth and bike cage.

Google office is definitely the best office one can visit. The music studio is simply awe-inspiring – not really a usual part of the traditional offices where one can work but in Google office this has become an integral part of the design. It is a place where people held meetings yet the services and perks offered for employees are far beyond what one can expect.

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  • Ian
    January 25, 2012

    “Productive” is relative and not a term to be used lightly when arguing the merits of a Google-inspired design approach. Our firm has seem many clients chasing pool table / climbing wall / couch filled office environments only to discover this neither reflects (or aligns with) their organization nor does it automatically deliver productivity. (In fact with the wrong management and employee demographic, environments like these can be spine-chillingly unproductive and result in aggressively negative outcomes). Starry-eyed fans of Google office design under mind the value in capitalizing on the opportunity to explore possibilities of unique offices authentically connected to its workers and instead fuel the gold rush leading client after client to simply want to replicate everything Google does.

  • Office Design
    February 21, 2012

    The nautical theme is becoming more and more widespread across the country

  • alamat
    March 21, 2012

    wow that is a cool office…

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