Store Design: Shang Xia Store by Kengo Kuma

An amazing store design in Beijing is the Shang Xia Store completed by Kengo Kuma and Associates. It is a framework consisting of an ornamental design made of extruded aluminium sections. This amazing store evokes brickwork images of the old neighborhoods in Beijing within its interiors.

At a glance, there are three various H-shaped sections and two different I-shaped sections, which have been created in layers so that the store space is divided into a series of interconnected rooms. The featured staggered edges of the partitions created soft openings between each areas and the profile is more clearly seen this way.

Aside from the functional purpose of the partitions, it also decorated the ceiling out front of the shop but further back this is replaced by the black mirrored glass in some selected partitions. The shop design also incorporated bricks that were created from compressed tea leaves, which Kengo Kuma used to line the walls at the back of the store. They design a shop that has an area where it is more intimate and people are served with tea while they browse.

Products such as garments and gift items are displayed on the shelves in a fretwork setting as well as on the podiums placed on smaller pocket corners. I think this is an ingenious approach to using the products not only as ‘for-sale-items’ but also as decorative pieces.

The beautiful store also boasts expensive objects decorating the space – kept in recessed niches, housed in glass and were highlighted by light like spotlight. Customers can sit on booths with sales advisors where they can try jewelries and smaller items with a dose of privacy they can enjoy.

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