Store Design: Sorbet by Suite Architects

I have never seen a store so small but highly spacious-looking and visible like the Sorbet. This store design only made use of a 20-square meter by 2.4 meters area and you would know what kind of challenge that the Suite Architects have to go through so as to create a store space that is not corridor-looking but instead provides maximum visibility and spaciousness.

The primary disadvantage of the shop design is the limitation of space but Suite Architects design a shop that has turned this disadvantage into an advantage. Sorbet is located in Sao Paulo, which integrates perfectly in common areas of the mall thus opening itself up to the public almost immediately. Because of this opening, it has bypassed the space limitation disadvantage, which in my opinion could have dissolved into nothingness had not been the kind of design that Suite Architects implemented.

To open up and created a more spacious design, this amazing store made use of a front mirror and like always mirrors often create a wider visual illusion, which was used maximally in this store. If you add the panel inspired Tangram – a Chinese puzzle that lines the walls and get occasional highlights of LED lighting scheme, the visual effect is already stunning.

Also, the hooks where light hangers are placed feature LED technology, which emphasizes the products – a truly inspiring and innovative work by Suite Architects. (Via)

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