The Treehouse Meeting Room and Technology Hub by Baumraum

Have you ever been inside a meeting room that makes you feel more comfortable than when you are in an office? This is what The Treehouse feels like and it is designed and completed by Baumraum. This is like planning business among the trees. This is the very concept followed by this tree house. It functions both as a meeting room and technology hub and is located in Belgium particularly in Hechtel-Eksel Forest.

Baumraum is a German firm popular for designing and inventing tree houses and hotels. In this particular meeting room, the head architect is Andreas Wenning. The design consists of terraces and small cabins using spruce, pine and oak as it rests on its steel foundation of 19 stilts. This kind of construction reduces the impact of the tree house on the forest floor.

The structure is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It is constructed with CO2 neutral heating and cooling system. On the lower cabin, it houses the coffee lounge and technology room. On the other hand, the upper cabin covers 6.5 meters elevation from the ground, which is the actual meeting room.

Photos courtesy Markus Bollen.

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