Fermob Outdoor Lounge and the new Luxembourg Rocking Chair

We attended the NYIGF this weekend and have some great new products to introduce to you. Personally, I have been looking for some outdoor furniture for this summer and I was pleased to see the minimalist contemporary designs from Fermob. Fermob has a lot going for them. Their products are extremely durable and have an Anti-UV powder coating to make certain the color will last as long as the structure and there are actually 24 different colors to choose from. Everything from basic black or white to bright shades of orange, green and yellow. Just their Luxembourg collection alone has such versatile components that it will work well in any sized space, from that tiny apartment balcony to a large patio or pool area. The item in the collection that interested me most was the new Rocking Chair. In my opinion, the chair really rounds out the collection by adding that, ‘just lean back and relax element’. The rocker takes the extremely functional and versatile series to another level of comfort. The rocking chair is made from an aluminum tube frame with the backrest, seat and armrests made of extruded-aluminium slats, which are curved to perfectly fit your form. I could certainly enjoy spending my summer reclining in this rocking chair while catching a bit of sunshine.

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