Family Home by LLI Design


Butterton by LLI Design

LLI Design have recently completed a total redesign of the ground floor of a newly built (c. 5 year old) detached house in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The clients, a young professional couple with 2 children, wanted a modern look that wasn’t cold and clinical, they wanted their home to be somewhere they could relax and entertain, but at the same time would function as a practical family home.

Practical and Sleek: Kartell Uses Plastics in Home



Working from their home base in Milan, Italy, Kartell Furniture has been putting out cutting-edge, chic home furnishings since the 1950s. With a chemical engineer and an architect at the helm of the company, their home furnishings blend the best of technology and design into functional, comfortable, and stylish pieces. The company crafts home furnishings, accessories, and lighting from injected mold plastics that allow for fluidity of construction and sleek pieces. You don’t have to travel all the way to their Milan showrooms; Lumens offers Kartell furniture via their online shop at great prices, making it easy and convenient to have great style shipped right to your door.

Modern Meets Retro

Adams Homes explains that as in the case of fashion, home décor styles trends often cycle back to pull inspiration from popular trends of the past. Among some of the most popular revivals of style include the molded plastic furniture of the 1950s and 60s. Curved lines and seamless seating were popular in the time, as were bold colors like turquoise and mint green. These shapes and colors are again in vogue as good choices for accent pieces such as lamps and chairs. Kartell has been crafting molded plastic furniture pieces since the trend started over fifty years ago and they have modernized the look of the retro style by keeping their chairs, tables, and occasional pieces low profile and high style. 
While the retro plastic pieces were trying to look futuristic in the midst of the Space Race between the U.S. and Russia, the goal of contemporary furnishings is to be minimalistic and functional, which typically ends up in well done pieces resembling sculpture rather than just an ordinary chair. Take, for example, the Invisible Table by Kartell: the piece is sturdy and provides ample surface space, but its nearly transparent materials and straight edges leave a low visual impact that is both unobtrusive and elegant. The piece was inspired by Japanese minimalism. 
As Adam points out, color make a huge impact on style. Black and chrome are classically sleek and contemporarily relevant, seen in both indoor and outdoor furnishings. Bold colors are also making a comeback as deep reds, burnt orange, bright greens, and mellow yellows that were popular from the 50s thorugh the 70s are being brought back into play in the form of accent pieces, arm chairs, and lamps. Using bold colors is a chic way to infuse an otherwise practical, neutral furniture suite with a bit of modern flair, trying new trends without changing everything in your room.

Brooklyn Townhouse By Murdock Solon Architects


As you all know I love townhouses and here in ChicTip I covered many of them, today I’m publishing another new renovation of a townhouse in Brooklyn, NY designed by Murdock Solon Architects.
MSA’s renovation opened this single-family townhouse to the outdoors, light and views. With a narrow building footprint, MSA’s design focused on creating large, comfortable, open spaces, by minimizing internal walls and divisions. Living areas and the kitchen are separated naturally by furniture and cabinetry, so that light and air moves uninhibitedly from the backyard to the street.

Remodeling the Kitchen: Tips, Tricks, Inspiration for Summer 2015


Why do we “spring clean”? It isn’t just because our homes deserve at least one incredibly thorough cleaning every year. It’s because, after being cooped up inside all winter, we’re all really bored with our surroundings. We’re sick of the same walls and the same decor and the same smells. Spring is just as much about flinging open the windows and letting in the light as it is about giving our homes as big of a makeover as we can afford (and deal with). The world is having new life breathed into it. The same should be done to our homes.
In many areas of the house, this is pretty straightforward. You fling open the windows, maybe switch out a couple of pieces of furniture and hang some different art. You might even paint or put up some wallpaper. In the kitchen, though, things are a lot more complicated.
The reason remodeling and redecorating are so much more complicated in the kitchen are because you aren’t just dealing with fashion. You are also dealing with function. Unless you’re prepared to totally gut the space, you have to work around your plumbing, electrical and sometimes even gas lines.  This is the part of the home that requires the most advanced and detailed planning. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

Eichler House by Building Lab


One of my favourite house styles is the Eichler, unfortunately there are just three Eichler houses in the East coast, all of them  in the Roackland county an hour away from New York where Joseph L. Eichler planed to build 216 of them.
Building Lab designed a contemporary renovation of the Appleberry Drive Residence, an original Eichler house in Marinwood, California.
As can be said of most Eichlers, this was a great house to begin with. By means of the subtle rather than the grand, we strove to re-invigorate the modesty, simplicity and clarity of the original design.