Ledwork Modular Lights

Ledwork  is such a cool product!  It is a  highly tangible autonomous light that respond to touch and movement.  It is modular so it forms a swarm of light in which new patterns constantly emerge.

This invites to observe, explore and construct new physical configurations.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 15 April, 2014

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ROOM Collection by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho

When it comes to furniture, people are used to placing a object within a square space. While it is common to use a square form to arrange an object, Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho were interested in diversifying the relationship between object and space to create furniture as rooms for objects. The focus was to explore the mix-and-match quality of the ensemble in our spaces from a graphical approach.


ROOM collection is a furniture system with 25 stackable blocks and a low table with various geometric voids inspired by architecture and the objects they can hold. When all the elements of ROOM are combined it forms either a long shelf or a tall cabinet with a variety of different graphical compositions. ROOM allows each user to pick their favorite elements to build up your own composition as a shelf, a table or just as a sculpture.


Each block was inspired by specific objects, creating various shapes and sizes. The round for wine, zigzag for phones, tablets and laptops, or peaked for an open book. Each block can be a room to invite any object, the composition is unlimited.


ROOM enhances the characteristic of the individual objects and emphasizes the interactions between space and object. ROOM is made in plywood and finished with a matt lacquer.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 11 April, 2014

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West Loop Loft, Chicago by Besch Design

Located in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, this building once housed the National Biscuit Company, now known as “Nabisco”. This loft style condo unit is located on the upper floor and is a multi-level unit designed by Chicago based design company Besch Design. One of the main features is the kitchen, which is located in one of the old ovens used for baking. The steel parts for the oven doors are still embedded into the exposed brick. The master bedroom has an opening that overlooks into the living spaces on the first floor. Reclaimed barn wood was used on an accent wall that is has become a feature in the unit and is used to display some of the Owners guitars from his collection.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 11 April, 2014

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Iniala Beach House by A-cero

We present one of the latest International Projects of the Architectural studio A-cero led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares. This project is an Interior Design development in an unique and exclusive hotel in Thailand.

Located in the bucolic coast area of Natai Beach in Phuket, this place is characterized by its calm, the vast sands and the turquoise blue waters. This little luxury hotel resort was conceived to enjoy your stay surrounded by good design.

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Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 10 April, 2014

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Plateau Storage Unit by Note Design Studio

Swedish firm Note Design Studio created unit to tide the hallway.

“When the same stuff is placed on a podium or a plateau it suddenly has another value,” said Pigazzini. “The function of the plateau is to elevate your belongings from the floor and to create order in chaos.”

Two white steel bars are bent to create rails for hanging garments and accessories. An oak shelf to place footwear on hovers above the ground, punctured by the rails that also form the feet.

The two rails are different heights, offset and sitting one in front of the other. The larger includes a circular tray for storing small items on one side.

The design will be exhibited on Punt’s stand, Hall 6 Stand E22, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan from 8 to 13 April.(via)

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 10 April, 2014

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Downtown Mexico Hotel

The Downtown Mexico boutique hotel located near ‘ El Zocalo’, right in the heart of the old city where the Aztecs first settled and afterwards the Spaniards built churches and palaces using the existing stones that were part of the Aztec pyramids. “Downtown” is settled on a magnificent palace, witness of the XVII century architecture.

Known as the “Palacio de los Condes de Miravalle”, the red volcanic rock walls, the multiple doors, window quarry frames and the handmade cement tiles, along with the glorious patios and a spectacular stone-forge staircase provide the building the unique flavor of the Mexican vice regal style.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 9 April, 2014

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Elizabeth House by Masfernandez Arquitectos

Situated on a cliff in Algarrobo, Chile, this beautiful modern seaside retreat was designed in 2014 for a single 50 years old mother by architecture firm Masfernandez Arquitectos.

“Thinking about a second home, it is inevitable to imagine a place with special features, much more if it is facing the sea. The Elizabeth House, as we call it for a long time in honor of his owner, who is a single 50 years old mother, reflects very well the clarity, simplicity and honesty with which, in our view, should tackle these projects.

The important thing was the location, to refuge from the wind of Punta de Gallo cliff, and to protect the surrounding vegetation of weeds, thorns and docks. The house is based on a grid of pillars of 3.50 x 3.50 meters, that sorts well modulating beams that ends up embracing the house , leading a terrace and a small central space (where the Jacuzzi barrel is). The structure is left to the view being part of the external expression of the house.

The walls, that are arranged inside of the structure, make enclosures whose dimensions are arranged on the module. The interior partitions are made of white painted pine, the same wood chosen for the structure, a wood of the area and very well known by all carpenter. So, this shelter on a cliff of the coast of the V Region of Chile has been opened for a few months and has already received visitors that are looking for a place to retire and look into the sea.

Outside, the house was treated with graphite gray primers that ensure low maintenance over time and that strengthen the form of a container.”

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 8 April, 2014

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