The Lawn on D Installation in Boston, MA by Höweler + Yoon Architecture

If you’re planning to be in Boston any time soon don’t miss “The Lawn on D” installation by Höweler + Yoon Architecture.

“SWING TIME is an interactive playscape composed of 20 illuminated ring-shaped swings. The installation activates a temporary park between the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and D Street to create an experimental public space.

Custom fabricated from welded polypropylene, the swings are designed in three different sizes so that the community can engage, exercise, and play with SWING TIME as individuals or in groups. LED lighting within the swing is controlled by a custom micro-controller, signaling the swing’s activity level. An internal accelerometer measures the acceleration forces of the swing. When forces are static and the swings are not in use, they emit a soft, white light that illuminates the area. When the swings are in motion, the micro-controller switches the light from white to purple, creating a colorful glowing effect. SWING TIME’s responsive play elements invite users to interact with the swings and with each other, activating the urban park and creating a community laboratory for play in the Innovation District and South Boston neighborhoods.

SWING TIME is sponsored by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and located at The Lawn on D, a 2.7-acre outdoor experimental event landscape”.

Be on display until October 31, 2014.

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Beautiful Modern House by ONG & ONG

ONG&ONG  have completed the renovation of an early 1900′s shophouse into a contemporary family home in Singapore.

The 17BR-House is a Peranakan shophouse originally built between 1900 and 1940. The homeowners wanted to build a warm family home that would preserve the shophouse’s historical character and reverse the drastic alterations done during its previous incarnation as an office space.

In reinstating 17BR-House as a residence, an inner courtyard was created on the first floor, allowing sunlight and air to flow freely into and throughout the house. The installation of a green wall as well as the covering of the floor entirely in carpet grass transforms the courtyard into a quaint indoor garden. This space forms the visual focus for the first floor; with the absence of partition walls, there is a seamless visual transition from the kitchen at the back of the building to the living area at the front, allowing the family-oriented homeowner to interact with his children while indulging in culinary exploits in the kitchen.

A dramatic spiral staircase spanning all three levels maximises vertical circulation while skylights in the jack roof directly above the staircase provide natural illumination. Timber beams installed in the ceiling of the first floor and the roof adds an old world charm to the home.

The second floor holds two bedrooms; both share a bathroom, a long corridor lined with bookshelves and storage space, as well as equally enjoyable views, one of the traditional façade and the other of the green wall in the courtyard.

The top floor houses the master bedroom and a separate bathroom visually connected to the bedroom via a long slab of limestone that serves as the top counter of the bathroom’s vanity and continues onward into the corridor, forming a functional desk area amidst a bookshelf-lined wall. The skylight in the master bathroom illuminates both the bathroom and the balcony on the second floor with natural daylight.

The shophouse’s rear comprises a kitchen, the service quarters as well as a 7-metre long swimming pool, with traditional glazed floor tiles and a replica spiral staircase at the back reminiscent of the shophouse’s early days.

The façade’s restoration, with the reversion to a single pintu pagar door, the reinstatement of the traditional, taller windows on the second floor, and the use of shiny enamel-finished dado tiles, completes the project that goes beyond the creation of a perfect, modern family home to a preservation of an invaluable cultural heritage.

The shophouse had been in a bad state, having been stripped of its historical characteristics and renovated for office use. With much support from the client, the architects made a conscious effort to bring these traditional elements back while also reinstating the shophouse to residential use. Considering the scale of the restorative work required the final product is both a perfect home for the modern family as well as a fitting tribute to the shophouse’s history. (via)


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Beautiful Way to Decorate your Hollway

Via pinterest.

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Living Rooms: Create the Perfect Den for Laziness

If you’re anything like this writer, your favourite activity will be sitting in your living room, in your pants, slobbing on the settee and vegetating to the latest season of Game of Thrones. And being the most frequented part of your home, you’ve got to make all that slobbing as comfortable as possible.
So, what interior design choices should you choose for optimal comfort and style?
The seating of gods
Have you ever sat in a truly uncomfortable seat? It’s like Chinese water torture, suffering an uncomfortable illness or having to sit through a full season of Geordie Shore –awful.
And the cheapest seats never make do for comfort. Instead, they make you feel like you’re sitting on a layer of cardboard atop a stone.
Really, especially if you’re looking for unadulterated comfort, shelling out a little extra is well worth the dough. Try celebrity recliners for fully adjustable bliss, and couple them with a settee that really hits the spot.
When you’re positioning your seating, be sure not to make your telly the main focus. Foster a naturally sociable area by placing chairs and settees opposite each other in an almost-circle.
Good seating is paramount in a front room, so spend wisely and well.
Television decision
Buying a telly has become so complicated nowadays, hasn’t it?
Gone are the days when you proudly asserted your ownership of a 32-inch – now you have to know exact screen resolutions, number of HDMI ports, whether your SCART plug doubles up as a toaster and if you have dongle support (seriously, does anyone actually know what a dongle is?).
Here are the basics you need to know:
• 1080p is the highest screen resolution available.
• Having at least two HDMI sockets is preferable.
• A good quality television will have a set-top box built-in.
• Higher quality tellies will have features like Netflix and internet access built-in – although they aren’t vital if you’ve got a USB port and a laptop.
But most of all, don’t let your huge telly cramp the style of your room. Few people want a black hole as their living room’s focal point.
A touch of class
You can have mounds of Blu-ray’s, stacks of DVDs and games dotted around your sitting room, but you also need some class to impress your guests.
Invest in adequate shelving to hold a varied array of ornaments and decorations, and consider placing some pictures – whether it’s works of art or family photos – to give the place a personal touch.
The best thing about slobbing around is feeling entirely comfortable, and having your personal bits and bobs is a big part of that. But when you’ve got guests around, having a well turned-out and cultured look about your home is the key to creating a sociable atmosphere.

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Bethan Gray in Harrods, London

For this year’s London Design Festival, Bethan Gray, winner of the Best British Designer Award 2013, is teaming up with department store, Harrods to open a dedicated pop-up shop. Located in the newly refurbished third floor furniture department, the 33 sq m pop-up space will house exclusive furniture and accessories from Bethan’s own boutique collection, including the newly launching Stud Mirror and Carve Console and Desk.

The shop will feature on Harrods’ London Design Festival ‘Design Trail’, part of the store’s new campaign, Harrods is Design, which runs from 8 September to 5 October 2014.

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It’s Fashion week.

Look for me on Istagram.

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From tramp to luxury: Entrance Design Tips

It could be the rotten frame, the door barely clinging to its hinges, the sullen mat or the fact that people keep throwing money at your doorway, mistaking it for a sleeping tramp, but something about your entrance needs a makeover.
Indeed, your entrance design can be easy to neglect when you tackle the rest of your home – but without a classy walkway to your door, you’re setting a disappointing precedent to guests for the interior of the house.
So, how can you turn that front entrance from a sleeping tramp to a luxury walkway?
Morph your mat
It might only be where you wipe your feet, but door mats are also the way to initiate a positive feeling in your home.
Seek out a durable, machine washable mat with an eye-catching pattern to make your entrance stand out. Also ensure it can scrape dirt from your soles effectively. Essentially, don’t vie for the cheap, Poundland option – buy a luxurious mat that will last longer and capture dirt quickly.
Be a-door-able
Your door is the focal point of any entrance, so you hardly want it looking like the police have kicked it in a thousand times. Instead of a door from the set of The Wire, you should invest in a sturdy, heavy door specially designed to weather the elements.
But if a completely new door and frame is out of your price range, consider giving it a fresh lick of exterior paint or varnish. Just make sure you screw the door off its hinges and take it inside before you paint it – the last thing you want is rain ruining your paintjob before it’s dry.
Look to the countryside
Have you ever been to the countryside and looked at the exterior of those wonderful cottages you could never find in the city?
Butterflies flutter around trellised creepers, a long cobbled pathway leading to the entrance takes you through rose beds and mesmeric colours, and a white picketed gate reflects the sunlight with a glimmer.
In essence, it’s perfect. And while you might not be able to capture that exact tone in your urban gloom, a few hanging baskets and a tidy garden with some flowerbeds can increase the delight-factor in your garden no end.
Make it match
So many homes suffer from a disconnect between their exterior and interior, causing a jarring shift in tone when you move from one area to the other.
Yet if you can marry both, you’ll have a home to be admired.
This doesn’t have to be difficult or even particularly intricate. Provided you keep both areas clean, well-designed and regularly updated, your outdoors and indoors won’t be drearily mismatched.

Picture via Pinterest.

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