PSLAB Lighting at the new Stephen Street Kitchen Restaurant

New collaboration between PSLAB and Softroom architects for the British Film Institute:

“For the British Film Institute’s new restaurant and lounge, Stephen Street Kitchen, designed in collaboration with Benugo and built by Softroom, .PSLAB sought to craft a lighting experience tantamount to the BFI’s legacy. The elegant, white-and-brass insertions, custom-designed and fabricated by .PSLAB, evoke the essential origins of cinema: the play of light and space. In concert with the space’s rugged concrete ceiling, raw hardwood floor, and streamlined furniture, .PSLAB’s lighting intervention shades and tones the mis en scene of this historic institution.

The fixtures on the columns in the BFI lounge, which feature both in the interior of the building and on the exterior façade, were produced using a craftsmanship developed by the .PSLAB design team, which follows a manual, recto/verso bending technique applied to corrugated brass sheets. The resulting cylinders are given a powder- coated exterior finish, while the natural brass interiors reflect a burnished glow. These pieces are finally hinge- mounted to the columns, providing the space with a modular aspect, allowing the light scheme to be subtly manipulated according to the desired mood.
The design of these cylinders is echoed in the large separators placed between the couch seating booths. Utilizing a smaller-scale version of the column pieces, these table lamps are finished in brass and are outfitted with a custom black base, lending a touch of noir ambiance to the dining experience.
The corrugated drum finds a third iteration in the meeting room lighting, in which the cylinders are affixed directly to the ceiling in quadruplets. The combined effect of .PSLAB’s three pieces in the space is one that compliments and extends the art of light that the BFI has made its mission to preserve”.


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5 Picks on the Top Appliance Must Haves in Today’s Modern Day Homes

The sheer amount of different appliances which you can now buy for your home may be a little overwhelming at times. However, with our handy list of the top 5 must-have appliances, you will have a good idea of exactly what it is you should have for a well-run and comfortable home.

Washing machine
The washing machine is a good place to start this article as it reminds us just how certain appliances have become things that we take for granted. Few people in our society wash by hand these days; and if you cannot afford to use a laundrette or dry-cleaner on a regular basis, then a household washing machine is your only real option.

Tumble dryer
Drying clothes the traditional way – over a washing line – can be a little bit of hassle as it takes a while and is entirely dependant on the weather. With an energy eficient electric tumble dryer, however, you will be able to get drying your laundry done quickly and efficiently – no matter what the weather may be outside.

Air conditioning
When it is cold, we can make do by wrapping up in blankets and woolly clothes. During hot weather, however, we have fewer options, and a few ice cubes in our soft drinks will only go so far. The only sure-fire option when it comes to staying cool at home during the hot months is air conditioning. A good quality AC unit will help you to carry on your daily life during warm weather. Once you have installed air conditioning, you will find that it is easier to relax, to concentrate, and to go about your day-to-day life no matter how hot the outside temperature.

Microwave oven
There are countless appliances that are designed to help us in the kitchen – enough, in fact, to fill an entire article themselves – but one of the most useful and straightforward is the microwave oven. With this appliance, you will be able to cook your food in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. It is a vital time-saving alternative to traditional ovens and other cooking appliances, which can take up a good portion of your day while cooking. Make no mistake, if you value the time saved by a quickly-cooked meal, then a microwave oven will be a must-buy piece of kitchen equipment.

Vaccum cleaner
Finally, we come to an appliance which plays a vital role in keeping our homes as tidy as possible: the humble vacuum cleaner. These days vacuum cleaners come in a wide range of different sizes to suit different houses, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. After all, the only alternate is cleaning by hand – and that is something which we can all live without!

So, we hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 must-have appliances. Which of them is missing from your household equipment?


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From conservatories to compost heaps: an Eco-Friendly Garden

You’ve got a shimmering lawn neater than the haircut of a military general, pot plants more colourful than a Flaming Lips album cover and a gazebo that could make the Gardeners’ World team spurt tears of pride – but is your garden eco-friendly?
That’s right – From the lawnmower you use to the patio furniture you sit on, the grass (as well as the air and energy usage) can always be made greener.
So, what can you do? Start with a few of these top ideas.
Get with the glazing
What does every perfect middle-class home have in common? You guessed it – they’ve all invested in a professionally made conservatory.
Giving you the perfect view of your garden as you laze indoors, conservatories also act as an ideal form of insulation for your home. Although the glass won’t actually retain much heat, your extension will essentially act as a shield, keeping the cold at arm’s length and saving you on heating bills.
Let it rot, let it rot, let it rot
Composting is the perfect way to recycle those out-of-date newspapers, old bits of food (though never compost fish and meat items, for reasons of hygiene) and rotting plant life that has little to no other use.
First off, create a compost bin to hold your gunk, then fill it with leaves, water, twigs and anything else that will decompose effectively. Be sure to mix up your compost heap so that different materials come into contact with each other, creating an alchemy that will break them down quicker.
After all this, you’ll have a handy supply of compost to give your soil an extra lease of life.
Praise the sun!
In the recent past, solar panels were viewed as ideal ways to power your home, but ultimately impractical thanks to their cost.
But that’s all changing with the price of solar panels recently dropping by a third (according to national newspaper The Guardian). Place these in your garden and on your roof and, provided there’s sunny weather, you’ll have a wellspring of electricity that doesn’t rely on finite fossil fuels to power your home.
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain
The average UK rainfall in 2012 was 1331mm, although you’d be forgiven for thinking there was far more. But instead of grumbling and moaning about the UK’s stormy fortunes, put that rain to good use by placing a water butt in your garden.
Allow it to fill and you’ll have a repository of rainwater that you can use to water your plants, saving you on water bills and giving you backup if a hosepipe ban comes into play.

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Dream Home : Skyline Residence by Nathan Good Architects

This  gorgeous contemporary home located in Portland was designed by Nathan Good Architects.

The 1.7 acre site is relatively level and within a mile of downtown Portland. The home was positioned at the far north side of the lot to reduce the impact of noise from the Skyline Boulevard, optimize the daylighting of the sun’s path, and facilitate views from the interior of the home to the yard.

Notable Features:
a) A well-appointed contemporary home that is certified green (LEED Platinum)
b) The home is designed for an abundance of natural light in a climate dominated by overcast skies
c) The residence is on the path towards being net-zero-energy in that it is engineered to generate as much solar-electric energy on-site as the home consumes annually.

The clients are middle-aged with active lives that revolve about their three children. Both parents required a home office. A small home gym reduces travel time to the health club. An acoustically isolated game room accommodates their children and their friends on the lowest level to the home. They actively support the publication of their home yet ask to remain anonymous.

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4 Interior Design Hacks For Stunning Living Room Décor

Your living room is perhaps the one area of the home where you and your family will spend the most time together,  so it only makes sense that its decor is warm, inviting and is able to provide a bespoke level of comfort. Depending upon the room in question, this can be a difficult challenge and you may find yourself torn between different design options. This latest guest post takes a quick look at some of the most effective tips and tricks that will allow any living room to leave a lasting impression.
In Living Colour
One of the first variables to consider is the desired colour scheme. Warmer and darker tones such as sienna, brown and mauve are ideal for larger rooms, as they will help to counteract a feeling of overwhelming size. In the same manner, lighter tones and pale pastels are perfect choices for a smaller area; they can provide the illusion of space. In regards to either choice, it is wise to keep the colours from being overly intense, as doing so can actually detract from other aspects of the room.

Light Up the Room
The placement of natural and artificial light is another key consideration. Rooms with larger windows should take as much advantage of exterior light as possible – try to avoid placing furniture in front of or near a window that might obstruct natural light. However, you may find that your room lacks enough windows to provide bucket-loads of natural light.


In this case, your choice of lighting will depend upon the style that you wish to portray. Traditional or Victorian decor can be complimented by the use of table lamps or free-standing fixtures. A more contemporary ambiance can be achieved with the use of wall lights. These will take up little space and are perfect if your room is rather diminutive in size. Thankfully, there are a host of lighting styles to choose from.

Flooring Tips

Although this factor is frequently overlooked, the type of flooring can be considered one of the “make-or-break” areas within your room. Carpeted floors can offer a warm and cosy feel to larger areas while wooden floors will imbue a sense of “cleanliness”. In living rooms, both options can be made possible by exposing any wood flooring (if it exists) and strategically placing a few plush throw rugs nearby.


If original wood floors are not present, modern do-it-yourself options abound and are quite cost-effective alternatives. If you have pets around the home, a wood floor is one of the best ways to maintain a clean and sanitary living room.

The Timeless Quality Of Solid Wood Furniture

One of the most beneficial aspects in regards to solid wood furniture is that it is just as appropriate for contemporary designs as it is perfect for traditional living room decor. Also, there are countless wood types, finishes and tones to choose from.


Not only is this option beautiful, but it is also very functional. Pieces such as solid oak displays, dressers and end tables are built to last while they will also provide a natural appeal that composite materials can never accomplish. Thankfully, quality suppliers such as Furniture4YourHome will offer a nearly limitless number of choices and as this furniture can also be painted, colour is always an option.

These are some of the top-rated tips that will provide a sense of life and uniqueness to your living room. Of course, combining one or more of these methods will make for an even more striking impression. Above all, it is important that your room boasts a personality which matches the rest of your home. The end result will be an area that is inviting, comfortable and visually appealing.


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Desert Courtyard House in Scottsdale, Arizona by Wendell Burnette Architects

A stunning house with a breathtaking view of the desert in Scottsdale, Arizona designed by Wendell Burnette Architects.
The building site, further down a long private drive, levels out toward the west into an edge condition dominated by an expansive vista – layers and layers of distant mountain ranges – that in the evening seem to epitomize the drama of the Arizona Sunset. Due to the elevation of the site beneath the community’s gaze and the entry gate at the road it became important to us – to recede the house as a deep shadow – into the depth and complexity of the desert floor below.

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Iconic Furniture In Film and TV – Infographic

Iconic furniture in Film and TV

Our friends at sent us this cool infographic and we thought you would appreciate it!

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