Pestrin Pendant Lighting by Nicolò Zavagno

Pestrin,pendant light by Venice-based young designer  Nicolò Zavagno whose name derives from the Venetian dialect indicating the place where milk used to be distributed. The shape of the lamp remembers in fact the container used to carry the milk from the “pestrin” back to the house. The use of porcelain and wood takes back to ancient traditions that melt with a minimal and contemporary design whose finish in different colors, diffuses warmth in your environments.



Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 21 July, 2014

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Kangaroo by David Raffoul for Fabrica

David Raffoul has designed Kangaroo, a clock with a pocket for Fabrica. This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which is to leave a secret message inside the pocket. The shape of the piece is conceived with an organic approach that engages the receiver.


Posted by Michelle Lesser at 17 July, 2014

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Herringbone House in London by Atelier Chanchan

Redesigned by Atelier Chanchan, the Herringbone House is situated on a quaint street on the borders of Islington and Hackney in London, United Kingdom.
The Herringbone House is on a quaint street on the borders of Islington and Hackney, sitting amongst a cute row of Victorian Terraces, a railway tavern and the small local stone and Gothic church (St Jude and St Pauls). Just away from the hubbub of Kingsland Road, it is neatly packed onto an awkward wedge-shaped site which used to play host to a garage / out-building / storage shed.

The house comprises of two volumes: a gable-ended volume which is thrust to the very front of the site facing the street, and a set back rectangular volume, which both co-join into one space as the site narrows towards the rear. (see image 2) The light shade of herringbone brickwork, articulates the houses’ two volumes and frames the picture windows setting the house apart from the other buildings on the street.

At both ends of the house two walled courtyard spaces bring natural light and air in to the space. Inside, the large glazed openings flood the building with natural light; enhanced by the light material palette of limed wood, white matt marble and pearl coloured brick and the open layout enables views and light to flood through the length of house. The rooms then peel back, through pivoting floor-to-ceiling windows, onto private, walled courtyard garden ‘rooms’ reflecting the inspiration Zoe has also drawn from inward-looking Chinese courtyard house typologies or ‘Siheyuan’.


Posted by Michelle Lesser at 17 July, 2014

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Hollow by Brave Space Design

The  Hollow end table by Brave Space Design reveals a potential interiors. Clean lines and contrasting tones of dark and light Bamboo are used to show volume and accentuate negative space. The small end table is comprised of a number of additional folds that create pockets for storage. With a side magazine/book cubby and a thru-surface this piece will provide you with hidden storage as well as a foot rest. The smooth surface is treated with an Organic Herbal Oil and a durable Non-Toxic Water Based Finish.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 16 July, 2014

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Silva by DAM

Yet another great design found on Kickstarter This adorable wall clock is suspended by a straw strap hung from a fixed wall peg. The character’s mustache corresponds to the hour indicators, bestowing a decorative and narrative personality onto an object which is usually merely functional. Silva will be available in different colors.

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Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 15 July, 2014

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The Barcode House in Washington by David Jameson Architect

David Jameson Architect designed the Barcode House in Washington, D.C.Barcode House explores juxtapositions between the heavy and light and the old and the new. The work is formed by positioning the project’s diverse pressures into a unique situational aesthetic. Brittle masonry walls of the existing Washington, DC row house governed that the addition be engineered as a freestanding structure. Site constraints dictated a vertically oriented spatial solution.

The client’s desire for transparent living space generated the opportunity to create an integrated solution for lateral force requirements. Structural steel rods within a glass window wall are aligned with datum lines of the neighboring building elevations. A stucco circulation tower anchors the living space to the existing row house. (via)

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 15 July, 2014

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Junction Bungalow by Révélateur Studio

Révélateur Studio turned a mid-century bungalow situated in Toronto, Canada into a modern two-storey residence.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 14 July, 2014

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