Brooklyn Townhouse By Murdock Solon Architects


As you all know I love townhouses and here in ChicTip I covered many of them, today I’m publishing another new renovation of a townhouse in Brooklyn, NY designed by Murdock Solon Architects.
MSA’s renovation opened this single-family townhouse to the outdoors, light and views. With a narrow building footprint, MSA’s design focused on creating large, comfortable, open spaces, by minimizing internal walls and divisions. Living areas and the kitchen are separated naturally by furniture and cabinetry, so that light and air moves uninhibitedly from the backyard to the street.

Remodeling the Kitchen: Tips, Tricks, Inspiration for Summer 2015


Why do we “spring clean”? It isn’t just because our homes deserve at least one incredibly thorough cleaning every year. It’s because, after being cooped up inside all winter, we’re all really bored with our surroundings. We’re sick of the same walls and the same decor and the same smells. Spring is just as much about flinging open the windows and letting in the light as it is about giving our homes as big of a makeover as we can afford (and deal with). The world is having new life breathed into it. The same should be done to our homes.
In many areas of the house, this is pretty straightforward. You fling open the windows, maybe switch out a couple of pieces of furniture and hang some different art. You might even paint or put up some wallpaper. In the kitchen, though, things are a lot more complicated.
The reason remodeling and redecorating are so much more complicated in the kitchen are because you aren’t just dealing with fashion. You are also dealing with function. Unless you’re prepared to totally gut the space, you have to work around your plumbing, electrical and sometimes even gas lines.  This is the part of the home that requires the most advanced and detailed planning. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

Eichler House by Building Lab


One of my favourite house styles is the Eichler, unfortunately there are just three Eichler houses in the East coast, all of them  in the Roackland county an hour away from New York where Joseph L. Eichler planed to build 216 of them.
Building Lab designed a contemporary renovation of the Appleberry Drive Residence, an original Eichler house in Marinwood, California.
As can be said of most Eichlers, this was a great house to begin with. By means of the subtle rather than the grand, we strove to re-invigorate the modesty, simplicity and clarity of the original design.

Cherry Blossom inspiration


I love this time of the year when the trees are in their full bloom and the streets are cover with pinkish-hued colors.

“The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short. When the cherry blossom trees bloom for a short time each year in brilliant force, they serve as a visual reminder of how precious and how precarious life is. So, when Japanese people come together to view the cherry blossom trees and marvel at their beauty, they aren’t just thinking about the flowers themselves, but also about the larger meaning and deep cultural tradition the cherry blossom tree”.( learn more on the cherry blossom here)

1. Cherry Blossom wall decals by Dream Kids Decal.

2. Cherry Blossom tea pot.

3. Cherry Blossom pillow.

4. Cherry Blossom kids leggings by Zara.

5. Cherry Blossom lantern lamp.

Dorm Room Derby


Whether you’ve just got the letter you’ve been hoping for or you’re heading back for your senior year, making the most out of dorm living takes a little bit of work. While you might have to get creative, the results are worth the effort.

Freshmen, remember, you’re probably going to be sharing a single room with one person, or an apartment suite with as many as three or four other people, so while you can express your individual style, you can’t expect your dorm or apartment mates to share it. So check your school’s rules about what you can and can’t do in your space, and get ready to have some fun with the decoration. For returning students, try to refine your living style to reflect your comparatively more sophisticated, mature tastes.

Within the Rules
Dormitories are communal living spaces, and are governed by the rules of the institution as to what you are and are not allowed to use when furnishing and decorating your personal spaces. A few of the most common rules and some solutions are listed below:

Walls: No painting. No tacks, screws, or nails. No tape. No decals or contact paper. While a little white space never hurt anyone, your college is going to be paranoid about the integrity of its paint job. You may also be restricted from hanging curtains or tapestries unless they are flame retardant. Work around these limitations by using double sided adhesives to hang posters and art, or putting up a cork-board where you can hang your stuff with colorful pins. The sticky stuff comes in tabs and hangers, or small dime-sized dots up to 8″x10″ sheets.

ChicTip Top 10 designs from the A’ Design Award & Competition


Do you have a great design that deserves attention of worldwide media in all languages? Then you should join the A’ Design Awards .

A’ Design Award & Competition ( is the worlds’ largest and most diffused international design awards. Today, the A’ Design Awards announced the results of the 2014 – 2015 design competition: There are 836 Winners from 83 countries in 89 different design disciplines. Given the number of participating countries and competition categories, the A’ Design Award is the Worlds’ largest design accolade that brings designers, architects, artists, brands and companies from across the globe under the same roof.

2014-2015 A’ Design Award winners will get their award winning work physically exhibited in Ireland, the World Design Hub 2015, Italy and Holland. The La Notte Premio A’, The A’ Design Award and Competitions’ Gala-Night and Award Ceremony will be held in Lake Como, Italy. The glamorous black-tie event will bring leading figures in design industry, press members, award winning designers and companies together. In parallel to the Milan Design Week, the A’ Design Awards also have a 750 m2 exhibition at “MOOD – Museum of Outstanding Design” Ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, Italy. The exhibition was open to public on April 18 ( so if you’re in the area you must visit the exhibit).