Lilly Pulitzer for Target


Next must have Target designer is Lilly Pulitzer with her resort chic at it’s best. The design will include products in multiple categories, including apparel, shoes and accessories for women and girls, home goods and beauty products.  Here at ChicTip we picked our favourite home products.

From the retailer:
“This spring, we wanted to offer our guests a collection that embraced color, print and pattern in a bold, fresh way,” said Stacia Andersen, senior vice president, apparel and accessories, Target. “As we started to think about the perfect partner to collaborate with, Lilly Pulitzer was the clear choice given the brand’s inspiring heritage, authority with print and pattern and resort-chic aesthetic.”

Storage Paper Bags by That Way


These cute paper bags designed by a Polish company That Way, the storage bags made of three layer of recycled paper that can hold up to 55 pound. Theses bags are a great solution to store toys, blocks, dry laundry, newspapers, paper rolls… and many other things.

The bags are hand decorated in black and white pattern.

How To Take Care Of Your Outdoor Furniture


Indulging in outdoor activities is the perfect way to unwind during the warmer months but garden furniture will deteriorate quickly if not cared for properly. This makes care for outdoor furniture a must, especially if you want to enjoy your investment’s aesthetic qualities and functionality for many years to come. The way in which you should care for your outdoor furniture will depend on its construction and materials but a regular maintenance schedule is necessary to keep it in optimum condition all year round.

Solid Wood Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is ideal for longevity, particularly against the elements, but it does need to be maintained properly to maximise its lifespan. Wooden furniture should be treated with at least two coats of external gloss varnish which can be cleaned with soapy water when necessary. It is important to ensure that all soapy residues are washed off with clean water. Any damage to the varnished surface should be treated to ensure that no exposed wood deteriorates in wet weather. Avoid contact with chemicals such as pesticides and, during winter, store wooden furniture indoors.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker is among the easiest outdoor material to maintain, especially if it is manufactured to be weatherproof. Firstly, remove any cushions and spray the furniture with a pressure washer or hose on a low setting. Any lingering remnants of dirt can be lightly scrubbed off with a soapy sponge before washing with clean water to remove residues. Applying a thin layer of wax to the furniture will help to protect it against wear and also give it a gleam that is sure to impress your guests.

Metal Furniture

Care for outdoor furniture doesn’t come much easier than looking after metal tables and chairs, which can be rinsed with water using a pressure washer or hose to remove loose dirt. Warm, soapy water will help to remove more stubborn marks. Modern metal outdoor furniture is often resistant to rust so needs only light maintenance; paste wax can be applied to furniture which is not rust-free to ensure that it remains in unspoilt condition. Any patches of flaking paint should be sanded down and cleaned before being repainted in a matching colour.

Looking For Inspirational Home Taps

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Taps are one of the aspects of building a house that is often overlooked and yet they such an important part of our homes. We interact with them on a daily basis for washing our hands, cleaning our dishes, brushing our teeth, drinking some fresh water and filling our kettles to make our favourite hot drinks. In a country like Australia where the summer can get really hot, access to cold water is an essential part of our daily life. But which kind of tap should we install in our house?
A variety of different taps
Taps come in all different shapes and forms. The most commonly used ones are called compression water taps. Those come in the form of two separate hot and cold taps which use a washer covered nut which spins to control the flow of water. A tap using a single tap for hot and cold water rather than two taps is known as a mixer tap. A common example of mixer tap is called the ball tap. This is a single tap where a leaver placed on a ball can be rotated left or right to control the water temperature, as well as up or down to control the water flow. A disk tap is another mixer tap, using a handle which can be turned left or right to control both water flow and temperature, making it really easy to use. Finally, the other commonly used tap is called a cartridge tap, where a single tap is controlled by either one or two spinning handles. Commonly, those models are found with two handles; one for hot water, the other for cold water.

Modern Art: Citizen Atelier


I was recently searching for an attractive, yet affordable picture or print to hang above my couch in my living room. I was pleased to find a great selection of art pieces on Citizen Atelier, a Montreal-based online studio representing various artists from all over the world.

I was impressed by Citizen Atelier’s focus on quality and that each piece is carefully chosen and made only with the highest quality materials like cotton rag, museum-quality photo papers and archival canvases.

Although I didn’t make my purchase yet (I’m debating between Ashley Woodson Bailey flowers and Antonio Mora creative photography) I’m pretty sure it’ll be my birthday gift  .