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Deeluxe Est. 74 Clothes Factory & Supply Co. – France at Berlin’s Bread & Butter Tradeshow

Dressed as an urban denim company, Deeluxe Est. 74 Clothes Factory & Supply Co. embraces a modern retail design exuding a vintage sentiment stemming from 1940s-era America.

With trend-driven designs for men and boys, the brand, which was established in 2004, prides itself on its denim collection which features original treatments, detailing, cuts and washes.

Store interiors vary, but this particular layout is a chic pop-up exhibit featured at the Bread & Butter Tradeshow in Berlin this past summer. Resembling an authentic, timeless appeal, this booth design features a horse ranch-style entrance, washed wood flooring, distressed surfaces and freestanding sawhorse tables displaying color-coordinated pieces.

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Posted by Suzanne at 12 September, 2013

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Eco-Luxe Prefab Mallorca Retreat by EcoDesignFinca

The Eco-Luxe Prefab Retreat on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca embodies over 4,300 square feet of refined, modern architecture and unconventional passive design. Created by EcoDesignFinca, this dream home sits on acre upon acre of green land in a rural setting.

It’s quite astonishing how far prefabricated homes have actually come. This particular one-story villa was constructed in Germany then brought to its current home in Spain. Having low-energy elements paired with luxurious beauty, this modern retreat features four-bedrooms and three baths. It’s unique H-shaped design lends itself to vast outdoor living areas which, frankly, rival the engaging interior spaces.

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Posted by Suzanne at 21 August, 2013

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Santa Teresa Apartment – Toledo, Spain by Romero Vallejo Arquitectos

Unique tile design dictates the elegant vibe of this freshly renovated modern dream apartment in Toledo, Spain. Completed by Romero Vallejo Arquitectos, the project’s main accomplishment was opening up the original four-bedroom space to better accommodate the couple residing there, while introducing a prime material (ceramic tiles) which capture a traditional feel.

The bespoke floor tiling by local artisans is exquisite, initially portraying an optical illusion as plush carpeting. Taking a closer look, though, you notice the intricately designed tiles, patterned with classic Spanish motifs. Crisp in sage green and white, the tiling then moves to a larger more colorful pattern in select areas, injecting shades of rich magenta which is stylishly played upon in the minimalist design accents and furnishings across the home. Although the tiling varies in pattern, the general color scheme remains tied together, allowing the spaces to seamlessly flow into one another.

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Posted by Suzanne at 19 August, 2013

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How to Find Your Best Bedroom Wardrobe

When it comes down to a well-organized, clutter-free and relaxing bedroom space, storage is key. Some you want absolutely hidden such as in bins within closets or underneath beds. Yet, there is another strategy which can both fulfill your need to create extra room, while adding an attractive design element–a bedroom wardrobe.

Maximize with Measurements

The initial step is to take detailed measurements of the area where this piece of furniture is going. Armoires come in a plethora of sizes, widths, lengths, and heights so first figure out where in the bedroom it will reside. Don’t forget, these doors typically open outwards, so be sure to leave room for that, too.

Wardrobe for Your Wardrobe

Next you need to decide what it exactly is that you’ll be storing. If it’s dresses and shirts, you’ll need to find a style which offers a hanging bar within it. Or if your winter sweaters and fuzzy blankets need a temporary home between seasons, then plentiful shelving would be your best bet. Drawers are an especially wonderful detail, as they can provide storage for smaller items such as rolled belts, jewelry boxes, scarves and other smaller accessories. Units with a full-length mounted mirror on the inside door are another good idea.

Kids Collectibles

As any parent would attest to, the more storage in a child’s room, the happier the family. Kids’ bedroom armoires can be wonderful for storing everything from clothing and socks, to plush toys and books. Two-door white wardrobes are ideal as they take up less space and coordinate effortlessly with either gender’s color scheme, while styles with a lower bottom drawer are ideal for children to gain access to their play things independently.

Get Styled

Once you figure out the size, placement and function of your wardrobe, now is the fun part–what look are you going for? Armoires are available in a variety of styles like modern and traditional, even vintage-inspired, in natural and painted woods, lacquer and such. This piece of furniture can blend with your present furnishings, while many manufacturers offer the wardrobe as part of their coordinating collections. Or, to take it one step further, let the wardrobe stand out on its own in a punchy hue, adding colorful interest to your bedroom space.

Posted by Suzanne at 17 August, 2013

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Contemporary Lake Residence in Stockholm

First spotted on Skeppsholmen/Sotheby’s International Realty, this modern dream home  in Stockholm sits on a lakefront lot, enjoying all of the views its natural landscape offers.

What is most intriguing about this contemporary luxury residence is the sculptural and asymmetrical architecture–round rooms, carved out rooflines, angled windows and walls, glazed railings and especially the way it nestles into the sloped hillside with two different elevations at the front and rear. The facade is rather humble, seemingly a one-story home until you reach the backyard which is, in essence, the lake.

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Posted by Suzanne at 13 August, 2013

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Freestanding Versus Fitted Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are numerous considerations to be made. From the colour scheme and overall trend through to your choice of soft furnishings and use of space, decorating a bedroom takes plenty of concentration. One area which requires plenty of thought is that of the type of bedroom furniture you select but which is best – fitted or freestanding?

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Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 7 August, 2013

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Nordhemsgatan White Apartment – Sweden by Alvhem Brokerage & Interiors

If you’re one of the people who simply adores white interiors–like I do–then the Nordhemsgatan Apartment, a renovated residence in a historic building from 1904 will charm you. Completed by Alvhem Brokerage & Interiors, details were taken into consideration to preserve the classic architecture while infusing a clean-lined Scandinavian vibe within this modern dream apartment home.

The living room is calm in a sea of white-on-white: painted wood floors, walls, detailed mouldings and ceiling, including the plush sofa and corner wood-burning fireplace. Earthy tones, warm woods and ebony accent this lack of color exquisitely, as do dimensional elements such as the cubed shelves, woven rug, leather chair and ottoman. Ceilings are voluminous contributing even more spaciousness to this main living area. Traditional windows are large and allow direct sunlight  to bathe the interiors. Artworks of abstract wire sculptures and black-and-white prints add to the modernism of this space.

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Posted by Suzanne at 3 July, 2013

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