House of Joyce & Jeroen – The Hague, the Netherlands by Personal Architecture BNA

A renovation which provided two distinctive facades, House of Joyce & Jeroen by Personal Architecture BNA is an eclectic modern dream home. Situated on a tree-lined street in The Hague, the Netherlands, this single family townhouse features vertically- split levels, a rear glass facade and an airy openness.

From the front, this home meshes seamlessly with its neighbors with traditional brickwork and window trimmings. It’s only once inside that the magical transformation can be witnessed. As part of the renovation process, floors were removed with volumes interjected–sometimes pushed back–to create more space, such as in the triple-height kitchen. A full-volume well holds the spiral staircase which is encased in raw plywood walls and landings.

Lucien Pellar-Finet – Shinsaibashi, Japan by Kengo Kuma & Associates

A commanding three-story building in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi shopping district, the Lucien Peller-Finet boutique is a modern retail design dream created by Tokyo-based architectural firm Kengo Kuma & Associates.

It’s always so innovative when one prime material is used to transform an interior and that is precisely what occurred here. Said to replicate the organic formation of a plant, structural plywood was utilized to create a honeycomb effect throughout the store which sells luxe cashmere and accessories. The slim-cut timber was kept natural, almost raw, which superbly showcases the iconic jewel-toned merchandise.

Y-House – Singapore by Ong & Ong

With a chic, minimalist energy, Y-House is a modern dream home designed by Singapore-based architectural firm Ong & Ong. Sitting on a residential street, this home is nestled into its sloped setting, with stunning views from all three levels of the single-family residence.

A gabled roof is streamlined, elegantly showcasing the warm wood cladding (made of rice husks!) and cool concrete exteriors of the rather narrow structure. Interior walls mimic this concrete feature and receive horizontal ribbons of glass windows–such an innovative way to bring light inside while keeping spaces private from nearby neighbors. To ensure no view is obstructed, the rear retaining wall is topped with an open cable wire railing.

F Duplex Apartment – Bucharest, Romania by Studio 1408

Perched upon the top two floors of a residential building in central Bucharest, Romania, F Duplex is a modern dream apartment which experienced a complete and beautiful renovation by Studio 1408.

With just over 3,000 square feet, two penthouse apartments were opened up and joined to form one spacious duplex for a young family. The floor plan of this chic dwelling begins on the second level where the entranceway to the main living spaces is situated. A home office, bathroom and laundry are also situated here. Wide-planked wood floors in a satin finish contribute warmth throughout.

Glass Home-Office Apartment by Fertility Design – Taiwan

A sign of the times, the Glass Home-Office Apartment embraces today’s trend of working from home. Envisioned by Taiwanese firm, Fertility Design, this contemporary dream apartment features an oh-so-clever retractable glazed wall as part of its home office plan.

Not only an aesthetically stylish element, this glass partition allows for utmost flexibility within the apartment’s program. For instance, when closed, the office becomes its own cocoon, a quiet workplace separate from the hustle and bustle from the family dwelling. Conversely, the opened doors create a seamless nature between the adjacent living areas while inducing a sense of spaciousness.

Brooklyn Heights Townhouse by SPG Architects

A historic Brooklyn Heights Townhouse has been received a dashing renovation by the talented Manhattan-based firm SPG Architects. With five stories and about 5,220 square feet, transforming the 1836-built structure into an urban modern dream home was no small task.

Keeping to its neighborhood aesthetic, a red brick facade meets the tree-lined street. Once inside, the newly expanded spaces are cheery and light-filled as a result of removing walls, adding windows and interjecting a vibrant, colorful spirit throughout.

Duplex Penthouse – DUMBO, Brooklyn by Rawlins Calderone Design

Envisioned by interior designer and blogger Athena Calderone of Rawlins Calderone Design for herself and family, the Duplex Penthouse in New York is an eclectic, enticing and quite intriguing modern dream home.

Situated in the sought-after neighborhood of DUMBO, Brooklyn, this chic dwelling is a melting pot of edginess, glamour and plain good taste. Interiors feature mid-century, modern and contemporary furnishings in metal, wood, glass and rich textiles. The double-height windows of the living areas offer floods of natural light paired with stunning views of the East River. The center hall, replete with a mod glass lighting pendant, offers exposed concrete walls adjacent to a transparent staircase. What a way to work a narrow space!