Top 10 Things To Make Your Renovation Run Smoothly


Home is the main thing which shows the personality of person but we can’t make houses again and again as we can renovate our homes. If your home no longer meets your desires, then renovation is best option that provides you comfort and make it according to you without construction but with some changes. But while renovating your house you need to be very careful about your safety and hard hat is the best preference to safeguard your head from any major injury.
So here are some tips that make your renovation run smoothly:-

• The main thing in renovation is remove the old plugs in the wall as the old plugs left some holes which must be filled with   plasters and you can install new design plugs that increase your house grace.

• Wall colors increase more beauty of your house you can select colors looks depending on the light. Even you can try sample color so that you check whether that color suits in your room or not.

Fun and Playful Apartment designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury


Widawscy Studio Architektury have recently completed the design of D47, an apartment in Myslowice, Poland. This apartment is so much fun and full of colours and patterns that every corner you’re looking at you’ll find something that will catch your eye.
I love the wallpaper in the kitchen and the playful tile wall in the staircase.



The art wall with the owners pictures (I believe) give this dining room such a homy feeling.

Modern Apartment in Taipei, Taiwan by LCGA Design


LCGA Design designed this fabulous modern apartment recently with a colour scheme of grey and orange as the main colour.

“This case locates at the area of Tamsui River with good daylight and visible view of riverside. There are double living rooms and three bathing areas in the original pattern plan and large public space. Duo to the foreign living experience of the owner who used to take single storage room to replace the castle with the plan of the space cleaned up. Because the living function was focused in public area, the owner hopes that the clothes and jewelry could be placed in individual space. Thus the designer removed the original wall and changed the scale of the partition wall on the floor plan. The mistress hopes us to combine the dressing room and the living room to an area. And we make the public area to a rectangle.

Townhouse in Landskrona, Sweden by Elding Oscarson


Swedish architects Elding Oscarson have designed a townhouse in Landskrona, Sweden.

The narrow site is sandwiched between very old neighboring buildings in Landskrona, Sweden. Since mid 20th century it has been empty, waiting behind a wooden fence. It is only 5 meters wide with a tiny area of 75 square meters. Immediately adjacent buildings are low, but the street is lined with buildings of various height, size, facade material, age, and approach. Behind the row of buildings is a colorful world of back yards, brick walls, sheds, and vegetation. We find this small-scale, motely, naturally worn place extremely beautiful.