My Favourite Menorahs


Chic designer Jonathan Adler created this delightful menorah. Consisting of a happy family of nine modular pieces, each piece is reversible with a hipster on one side and an older character on the other. If you look closely, you will see a Jewish star necklace around the women! The shamash is slightly elevated.

Black Modern Menorah by Ariel Zukerman.

The Hanuka 21 menorah from EightDays Design is an active octahedron, symbolizing the interactive and celebratory qualities of Hanukkah. With each new day of the holiday, the menorah must be turned to a new side, rendering it an active and dynamic object. Each of the eight sides has a corresponding number of Hanukkah candle holders for each of the eight nights of the holiday

Celebrate Hanukkah with this playful Elephant Menorah by designer Jonathan Adler.

In honor of its centennial, The Jewish Museum commissioned world-renowned designer Karim Rashid to design this unique menorah. Created in his signature colors, forms and materials, this bold statement brings a contemporary look to a traditional ritual object. It is a fitting celebration of Hanukkah for the 21st century. The menorah includes 45 coordinating Hanukkah candles, as well as removable metal candle inserts for easy cleaning. The menorah is also available in orange and blue. (the green menorah)
The Tangram Menorah is a playful, modular menorah for Hanukkah. Nine menorah pieces can be configured into any shape you can imagine. Or, try to put the puzzle back together into the included tray. The square piece is designed slightly taller to be used as the shamash. Raised brass candle cups hold traditional sized Hanukkah candles. Each Tangram Menorah is handmade by Studio Armadillo in Israel.

Cork Menorah.

All those beautiful menorahs and much more you can buy on the Jewish Museum store.

Diesel Living with Foscarini Lighting Partnership

Crash_Bell family

The partnership, going into its fifth year, has evolved tremendously – with products spanning a wide range of materials, innovative lighting techniques, and forms. With their newly launched collection, the worlds of fashion and interiors collide in unique, non-literal ways, always exuding an edge and design sophistication.

Sleep Tight: Best Bedroom Design


Considering that most human beings do not get their suggested “eight hours” of sleep each evening, we at Chic Tip felt it was vital to provide several pointers as to how you can achieve the optimal sleeping status with the best bedroom design. We’ve partnered with Hästens , the ultimate sleep experts to help outline the “Seven Sleep Must-Dos” for your optimal sleep atmosphere: No tech is best tech. The bedroom should be sans televisions, computers and even cell phones if at all possible. While the notion of dozing off to your favorite television episode may seem relaxing, the eye-brain stimulation that is a direct result from viewing these devices actually interrupts sleep. Turn it off. And if you must have that cell phone nearby, dim the screen brightness and place it face-down away from your pillow. Darkness is your best friend.

Hastens Stock White 1

By day, let the sun shine in. During evening hours, though, investing in “black-out” drapery is ideal. While window blinds block out some light, these darkening drapes actually create a pitch-black environ so you can get that mandatory shut-eye–and sleep in as the sun rises. Afterall, you’ll never know it has!

Color me sleepy. Your wall paint, flooring and decorative accent colors can help determine just how well you will snooze through the night. Think soothing tones like sea blues, cool mint greens and creamy whites to whisk you away into an ethereal state. Creating a monotone color scheme also induces a cozy blanket effect allowing you to get wrapped up in its relaxing vibe and feel most restful. Declutter. Having too many knick-knacks around can actually cause a min-frenzy for your brain, taking you that much longer to decompress.

Hastens Stock White 5

Simplify your shelves, night stands, wall art and close those closet doors. Less is more in this case to ensure a sound snooze. Chill out. Believe it or not, the optimal temperature for a deep sleep settles in at 57℉ to 64℉. During the night the body tends to heat up on its own, which can sometimes disrupt sleep and create that dreaded tossing and turning. So about 30 minutes prior to going to bed, turn that thermostat down and dream away.

Thread count counts. While some may dismiss the importance of a higher thread count, the truth is that these luxe linens do make a difference. In fact, most are 100% pure cotton which lends breathability, not to mention superior softness. Your body will love this material, thus inducing a well-earned, restful sleep. So go ahead, invest in those Egyptian-cotton sateen sheets and you’ll feel fabulous the morning after. It’s all in the bed. While this sounds trivial, never mind obvious, many invest in the wrong type of bed for his or her body. In today’s mattress marketplace, the choices are endless: Adjustable beds, mattress tops, double-mattress tops, contouring foam, no-flip mattresses, massaging beds and the list goes on. Decide what your priority is and buy the bed that fits your body. A good mattress is an investment and one that will pay you back–and then some–with how good you look and feel come sunrise.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Home


Have you outgrown your home? Are you ready to upgrade the look and feel of your house to accommodate your new needs or tastes? Home improvements and renovations can be a great way to get this done. However, to avoid wasting too much time or money, it is best to have a plan in place. From choosing the right designs to finding a reputable construction crew to get the job done, everything requires research and planning to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.

1.  Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro
There are so many how to guides and tutorial videos out there that everyone thinks they can do everything themselves. While small home improvement projects like painting can be done on your own, when it comes to major overhauls like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, it is beneficial to hire a professional contracting company for the job. Sure, it might seem economical to do it yourself, but without the necessary equipment and training, homeowners can do more harm than good.
Hiring Tip: An ideal contractor or construction company will not only have the necessary licensing to complete home renovations, they will be efficient in communicating changes and keeping their team (and customers) in the loop with tools such as a managing construction punch list, which keeps everyone up to date on the project, budget, and changes.
2.  Define Project Goals
Without a clearly defined goal you can really get overwhelmed with a home renovation project. That’s why it is ideal for you to have a clear understanding of what your goals are. For example, are you looking to renovate your kitchen because you just want a change of color, or are you looking to improve your kitchen because you want it to be more efficient? This allows you to stay on target and also makes it easier for your chosen construction company or contractor to stay on the same page.
3.  Space
Another thing to keep in mind when renovating your home is the space. Sometimes less can certainly be more. When you live in homes such as townhouses or condos, space is often limited. Keep this in mind as you begin to select the ideal appliances, furniture, and accessories to complete the project. There are plenty of space saving ideas that you can look into that will add style while preventing the cramped feeling that some design choices can have.
4.  Function
When choosing features for your newly renovated home be sure to consider function. While some design choices might seem aesthetically appealing, if you don’t have any use for them, or they serve you no real purpose, then it was a waste of time. When shopping for furniture or appliances to complete your renovation project, keep function in mind. Ask yourself questions such as: What will this piece do for you? Does it serve a purpose or is it just for decoration? How will it improve your current living space?
5.  Resale Value
Lastly, as you begin looking into ideas for renovation, consider the resale value of your property. Even if you have no plans of moving in the next few years, your home is an investment. As such, you should consider renovations that will improve your home’s value as much as possible. For example, the right kitchen or bathroom renovations could increase the value of your home by as much as $10,000.
These are just a few things to keep in mind as you begin planning for your next home renovation project. Hiring a professional, defining your goals, and selecting upgrades based on the amount of space you have, their function, and resale value will surely improve your return of investment in the future. There’s nothing wrong with creating a space that you enjoy coming home to every day, it’s just a matter of being thorough from beginning to end.

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North York Brownstone in Toronto Canada by UED Studio


I love the way Studio UED designed the small details in this beautiful brownstone on North York, Canada. The wood beams, the way that the fireplace cut the living room wall and the unique powder room, everything screams design.

Where did they got this fabulous coffee table? just love everything about it.

Antique Elegance: 5 Retro – Chic Ways to Heat up your Home


With winter settling in, it’s important to keep your house warm, and there are some great retro-chic ways to do it – all it takes a little initiative, a bit of creativity and some ambition to see your project through! These ideas are not only practical but will add style to your home, making sure that you’re not sacrificing design for function – striking that perfect balance between a charming retro style and the functionality modern life demands, including energy efficiency!

Uniquely Designed Radiators

There are plenty of retro-chic radiators out there that would contribute limitless amounts of style to your home. You can find patterned cast-iron radiators from reclaimed housing companies such as Cawarden Reclaim, or if you fancy taking that massive retro step, steel multicolumn radiators in block colours – check out this collection for more ideas! Finding a radiator unique to your home is a great way to keep warm and make a statement at the same time.


Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Wood stoves look incredible in kitchens or shabby-chic front rooms; they create a lot of heat so you are able to save money on heating bills whilst keeping warm. A wood stove will add atmosphere to a room as there is nothing more homely than sitting in front of a wood fire on a cold winter evening. Alternatively, beautifully retro-chic fireplace suites will act as an impressive focal point and can look very impressive.


Shelves above Radiators

Installing shelves above radiators is a great tip that keeps heat in your house and can be successfully completed using any type of design. This inspired idea is used to deflect heat from your radiator into the room and creates extra storage at the same time. The beauty of this idea is that you can use any type of shelf – dependent on your style – and by adding ornaments and trinkets, create a beautifully retro-chic display. Have a look at some more amazing ideas here!


It’s surprising how much heat is given off by candles, particularly if you cluster them together. Retro-chic candle holders make great centrepieces but can also be dotted around your home. An idea that we are very fond of is collecting a variety of candles and placing them in the empty fireplace such as this one – this is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere and also makes for a cosy night in!


Outside Letterboxes and Covers

A lot of heat can be let out of your home through your letterbox and draughty windows. You can buy letterbox covers to prevent this from happening, or you can take the chance to really impress by using a letterbox attached to a wall or stand. With a front door designed without a letterbox, and a retro stand-alone post box, the cold air coming into your home will be limited and keep you warmer during winter. Of course there are endless amounts of designs to choose from which makes the process all the more enjoyable! Have a look at this list for both retro and modern letterbox designs.

Single Family Home in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn by CWB


This is what I like about townhouses, it’s the mix between the old and the new, CWB made it  incredible  in this amazing Prospect Heights family home.

From the architect:

“Located in the Prospect Heights Historic District of Brooklyn, this late 19th century structure was suffering from old age and a general lack of upkeep. To convert the aging building into a modern, single-family home, CWB completed a gut renovation that included a garden-level rental unit. Although mostly new materials and finishes, many details original to the house were salvaged, restored and then integrated into the home’s contemporary aesthetic.