Elizabeth House by Masfernandez Arquitectos

Situated on a cliff in Algarrobo, Chile, this beautiful modern seaside retreat was designed in 2014 for a single 50 years old mother by architecture firm Masfernandez Arquitectos.

“Thinking about a second home, it is inevitable to imagine a place with special features, much more if it is facing the sea. The Elizabeth House, as we call it for a long time in honor of his owner, who is a single 50 years old mother, reflects very well the clarity, simplicity and honesty with which, in our view, should tackle these projects.

The important thing was the location, to refuge from the wind of Punta de Gallo cliff, and to protect the surrounding vegetation of weeds, thorns and docks. The house is based on a grid of pillars of 3.50 x 3.50 meters, that sorts well modulating beams that ends up embracing the house , leading a terrace and a small central space (where the Jacuzzi barrel is). The structure is left to the view being part of the external expression of the house.

The walls, that are arranged inside of the structure, make enclosures whose dimensions are arranged on the module. The interior partitions are made of white painted pine, the same wood chosen for the structure, a wood of the area and very well known by all carpenter. So, this shelter on a cliff of the coast of the V Region of Chile has been opened for a few months and has already received visitors that are looking for a place to retire and look into the sea.

Outside, the house was treated with graphite gray primers that ensure low maintenance over time and that strengthen the form of a container.”

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 8 April, 2014

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Geometric Wallpaper by Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker’s work explores digital print and hand embroidery combining the flexibility and immediacy of print with the slow simplicity of stitching by hand. Cross-stitching, grids and symbols are big influences in her work; she paints, draws and photoshops, but most of all she stitches. A graduate of Norwich University of the Arts Rachel describes her creative process as ‘Digital Craft’, combining the handmade with digital technology and describes her designs as “geometrics with a difference”.

This wallpaper created for CAMAC’s 2012 Design Competition. Inspired by the formalised structure found in the work of renowned architect and designer Augustus Pugin, designs for this collection were built from contrasting areas of flat colour, crafted together through a form of digital collage. Pattern is organised into architectural shapes that cut through the wallpaper. I was awarded two work placements; one with prestigious design studio Zoffany, and one with CAMAC Design to assist with the competition in 2013, one year on.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 8 April, 2014

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Racchetta by Ivana Mannavola

Racchetta by Ivana Mannavola combines design with function in one cool product. Racchetta is hung on a wall, Five hexagonal frames that, thanks to the elastic intersection, can hold umbrellas, magazines, coats and anything can get stuck into it, decorating that’s obvious!

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 7 April, 2014

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Baan Yo Yen House in Thailand by TA-CHA Design

Situated in Nonthaburi, Thailand, this modern 4,843 square foot residence was designed in 2013 by TA-CHA Design.

“In relation to a lot of research especially interview with the owner, our design intent has been interpreted as a simple but powerful word in Thai ‘Chan’ (Literally means terrace) However, ‘Chan’ back to history of Thailand is incredibly meaningful as connection. As stated, ‘Chan’ connects people with people (Three generation living in the same house) ‘Chan’ links people with nature (Friend of nature) ‘Chan’ joins people with surrounding (Internal space interact with adjacent neighbor while maintaining privacy.)

Space planning has been adapted from traditional Thai residential architecture. The advantages of the spirit of traditional Thai house are to be retained to suit modern lifestyle such as sustainable strategies – the stack effect to move hot air up and out of the home by drawing cool air in through the ground floor (center of the house) – daylighting thru skylight in the middle of the house. This makes an indirect connection with environment.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 7 April, 2014

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Team Up by AC Design

Team Up by Greek design studio AC Design is a multi-functional furniture and its design was inspired by children’s play; the kind of play that encourages fantasy, creativity, flexibility, movement and teamwork. By its multi-functionality, Team Up becomes a toy that can be shifted from room to room and integrates into any space according to the wishes and needs of the children …small or grown up!

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 4 April, 2014

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Modern Apartment at Turin, Italy by Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa

This modern apartment with this million dollar view located in Turin, Italy  designed by Andrea Marcante & Adelaide Testa.
An apartment built on the mezzanine level of a building overlooking the square that symbolises the city of Turin, Piazza San Carlo erected by the Dukes of Savoy and in particular Maria Cristina di Francia, who reigned as “Madama Reale” during the first half of the 17th century, turns into a modern-day theatre representing a certain idea of the bourgeois home, the home of the Turin professional middle classes, through its spaces and the furniture inside it, all embodying reassuring engineering precision and subtle concerns.

The building plan, characterised by a tunnel-shaped progression from the rear to the drawing room facing the square, the windows opening onto the square itself with their given shape and size of the “oculus” on the building facades marking the perimeter, and the need to set out the relational spaces in the living quarters as zones and premises that (to a greater or lesser degree) can be seen from outside, provide the initial input for the construction of a vaguely metaphysical home environment.

Photography by Carola Ripamonti.


Posted by Michelle Lesser at 3 April, 2014

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Crossed Pouffes by B-LINE

One of the new releases by Italian furniture brand B-LINE ,which will be exhibited at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this month, is the elegant Crossed Pouffes. A beautiful tailored seating piece.

Crossed by Joe Colombo, 1963

A soft upholstered pouf with contrast cross stitching, Crossed is available in two sizes, one square-based and one rectangular: by using multiple element combinations, differently shaped and coloured arrangements can be created.

Its water-repellent wooden base and an opportune choice of fabrics make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 2 April, 2014

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