The Bride Lamp by Mammalampa

Latvian design studio Mammalampa created a collection of lights called The Bride.
The Bride’s “dress” is created from paper presenting this traditional lamp material in an unusual solution. As light shines through the paper, you will find yourself infused by an aura of airy lightness ; almost as if the lamp were not subject to the law of gravity. This most definitely a lamp with a gender – the atmosphere created by the Bride is truly feminine.

Entirely handmade, each Bride has her own personality characterized by the unique pattern in which her shade is woven with the personal touch of the weaver who created the pattern. no two Brides on earth are the same!

The collection is comprised of ceiling lamps in two sizes and a kindred floor lamp and table lamp.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 1 April, 2014

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A Factory-Built Home That Looks Like Anything But Mass-Produced

One of the most common monikers found in the home construction industry is “Custom Homes”. The message is simple: Let me build you the house that you want, not some cookie-cutter thing that looks like everything else in the neighborhood.

And that appeals to us, because we are all unique individuals with specific tastes that probably don’t make a perfect match with anyone else’s. From that perspective, we automatically rule out any home that appears to be too similar to others. Unique homes are king.

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Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 1 April, 2014

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POT.PURRI collection by 3 Dots Collective

POT.PURRI is a mixture or collection of miscellaneous or diverse items. A combination of incongruous things.

For us it is a collection of small, modular containers, designed with some basic parts that through various materials and combinations can construct more than 50 unique objects with different shapes and capacities, from lamps to tableware.

Inspired by the ambition of ‘cutting distance’ between design and material and ‘fluctuating shapes’ as our expression of contemporary deisgn, the project is cultivated around the concept of modularity and the customization.

This new approach towards the flexibility of the pieces fusion with the constant possibility of upgrading or changing, focuses at a wide spectrum of new users.

The project allows the user to mix and match shapes, materials and colors. We shaped the concept based on modular elements, with different dimensions and diameters that can be mutually paired and combined consequently, providing unlimited possibilities.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 31 March, 2014

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Roduit Studio by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Modern concrete painting and sculpture studio designed in 2011 by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte located in Chamoson, Switzerland.
“The client wanted a painting and sculpture studio of around fifty square metres as an extension to the existing house and studio situated just a few metres away from the land to be used for the new structure.

The narrowness of the plot and local regulations considerably affected the form of the building, which stretches out narrowly along the length of the meadow. Its unusual shape allowed the door and window openings to be placed to give a focus on the valley and on the mountains opposite. Outside, the studio extends over a terrace that is related to its surroundings and creates a visual connection with the existing house. Other rooms, such as the wood store in the basement and the small garden storage area, were added as the project developed. The access points to the building were positioned along the length of the steeply-sloping ground so that it was altered as little as possible. the same applied to the roof, which likewise follows the incline of the plot.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 31 March, 2014

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Taquari House by Ney Lima

This u-shaped two-storey residence situated in the capital of Brazil was designed for a childless couple by Ney Lima.

The architect description: “The will of a childless couple was building a home that preserved a typical tree savanna that existed on the ground even before the neighborhood Taquari remedies arise in the Capital of Brazil. Having this first fruits as a starting point, the architect Ney Lima residents met with a two-story house in a U shape thus the project could benefit the most from the ground and even then highlight the darling of the residents.

The ends were designed one bistro cuisine and a living involving the tree that stands out because of the white background and sides with rustic ceramic coating , which resembles the traditional adobe houses employed in the interior of Goiás.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 28 March, 2014

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SNAKE Coat Rack by Insilvis

What a great way to add some fun and drama to your boring walls. This bold coat rack was designed by Italian company Insilvis.

Product Description : A snake is a sinuous line that twists and turns throughout the space. It exits from the cavities of the earth, of which it guards the primordial energies, raising itself towards the light of the life and the knowledge. The transformation of its skin expresses the regenerative ability of the vital processes, within a cyclic path that joins the opposites. The debunked image of a snake, unforeseeable and rich of evocative references, belongs by now serenely to our visual landscape. The lithe profile becomes a structure for hanging clothing and handbags: it is almost a basic scribble.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 28 March, 2014

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Pluk by FACO

We love finding new designs that are in their first stages. This cool project is getting some attention on the crowd funding site Kick Starter. Pluk, a cool suspended  fruit basket designed by Danish design studio, FACO.

If you like it you can get this project funded and help them to move to the manufacturing stage.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 27 March, 2014

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