Make The Most Of Space With Fitted Bedroom Furniture

After the living room, where most of us spend our evenings or lazy Saturdays, the bedroom is probably the most important ‘chill-out’ room in the house, and when you move into a new home you should spend a bit of time getting the layout right and making sure you have all the space you need. A bedroom that feels cramped or overcrowded won’t have a calming vibe, which means won’t feel like retreating there to read a book or relax for a half an hour when you need a breather.

One of the best ways of making the most of the space you have in your bedroom is to opt for fitted bedroom furniture. You’d be amazed how much more open and relaxing the bedroom seems when wardrobes are specially made to fit against the wall. Fitted furniture is designed to work with the shape of the room and is made to measure so that even rooms with awkward angles can seem open and spacious. It makes the most of every spare inch and is a particularly good option if you have converted a loft or attic space into a bedroom.

Dream Home: Dusseldorf Loft by Bruno Epricum

With 600 square meters, the Dusseldorf Loft in Germany is the physical representation of the owners’ passion for architectural design. Bruno Epricum of AABE Architects was commissioned to design the warehouse conversion. This dream home is finished with “brick” all throughout. It has a large cavernous space that caters the furniture and art owned by the clients. The reconversion of the warehouse was closely based on the heritage of the building. The reconversion has preserved the history of the building as it was one of the few that miraculously avoided damage from the bombings of World War II.

Today, it is a modern home that provides warmth and comfort to the couple who were keen to make the most out of Dusseldorf’s rare ruins. Across from the coachman’s passageway, the garages were firmly built fronting the entrance court. This is part of the exterior living area where the court is dotted with screens flanking the entrance and secluding the day patio. The history of the city as well as that of the building is reflected through the glass panels.

Dream Home: Union Square Loft by Silver+Ong

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The focal point of the interior design in the Union Square Loft renovation is the stair design by Silver+Ong, Inc. It is the key component in the New York City gut renovation which is an attractive element. The stair was conceived and developed as a functional volume instead of creating it as a functional form. The modern home is innovative and the design it involved simultaneously resolves several issues including spatial, material, functional and economical agendas.

Spatially, the stair of this modern architecture defines a certain volume that penetrates the three levels equally which invite residents and guests to go from the cellar to the mezzanine along and around the screen. The house floor plans implemented in this project were definitely complementary and perfect for the architecture. The screen has full 28 feet height with the chocolate colored acid washed steel camouflaging against the brick wall.

Dream Home: Tribeca Loft by Jane Kim Design

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Jane Kim Design has paid great attention to detail as they designed the 1400 square foot Tribeca loft. The modern architects at the firm have expertly used sectional opportunities in order to maximize storage and private functions while creating expansive living spaces within this dream home.

This now modern home was previously a 20th century industrial warehouse but traces of its origin were not that apparent anymore. Jane Kim Design was tasked to bring back the industrial sense of the building without compromising on functionality and design. This modern architecture has three full bedrooms and graced with two and a half baths.

The house floor plans were implemented so that light was borrowed from other rooms and to allow transformation from public to private. The architecture was brought back to its original state complimented by the interior design that brought back the industrial feel which becomes the focal point of the design.

Modern Furniture: Aloft Collection by Qdesign for Arcadia

Southern-California based Arcadia introduces Aloft, a sophisticated, mixed-material collection inspired by the basic principles of mid-century modernism. Aloft is a collaboration between Arcadia and Qdesign, the Illinois-based design and consulting firm.

Aloft offers lounge seating, occasional tables, and benches, which complement many different environments from the waiting room to the your living room.

Dream Home: The Tank House Loft by Brian Messana

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An atypical place of residence which has been the result of modern renovation created with concept by Brian Messana – this describes The Tank House Loft. This modern home is a direct result of the renovation of an existing loft apartment and sprinkler tank. The project is located at the heart of New York which gets full star rating of cleverness, authenticity and uniqueness.

As a result, it becomes a combination of a Tank House and a loft where Messana pulled off a design demonstrating the power of creative imagination. The uniqueness and luxury of the design has been the subject of envy in the neighborhood of New York while some consider it as their dream home.