Bar Design: Sa Lluna Club by Miquel Corro

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Miquel Corró has conquered the bar design of Sa Lluna Club which is located in Inca, Spain. The project involved the 11,242 square meter area. The concept of the club has a great resemblance to the high contrast of light and shadow of the night with the moon as the main character of the sky. This is a poetic description for a bar design that has exceptionally captured the beauty of night life in Spain.

Sa Lluna Club stands proudly in an old town in Mallorca with a bar design that has been created and developed to improve the image of the club which occupies the ground floor of a traditional Mallorcan residence. Despite the challenge, Miquel Corro has devised a wonderful architectural and design solution that made the club what it is today.

The space is a self-enclosed area which perfectly demonstrates the concept of not being able to touch the façade. The location itself is not open to the street and it almost has scenic advantage with the old courtyard of the house as its backdrop at the back of the house.

The resulting space has been the result of uniting two annexes that has been done a few years back. The merging of the two annexes must be done so that the two spaces will speak of one common language and help avoid the feeling of being in two places at the same time. The design solution will give the club a single image that one can remember throughout. Because of this requirement, the club has been tweaked giving it a completely new set by moving the bar from its original location. It has also been rearranged longitudinally so that it will give the club a more local perspective and free some more space for different activities akin to the club.

The bar design utilizes darker colors to demonstrate the contrasting light and shadow of the night – as with the concept. Apart from this, the floor plans have been added with new elements that will speak further of the presence of the moon such as the new benchmarks and lighting fixtures. As the name of the bar says, Lluna means moon thus the resulting design is an abstract reference to the meaning of the word.

In order to give the space more history and classical touch, the need to emphasize the two existing stone arches and give them the significance they deserve has also been met. This is one of the focal points of the club that will give Sa Lluna Club the attention of being center stage.

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