Bar Design : ZeBar by 3GATTI Architecture Studio

A cave for batman, absolutely not; a cave for enjoying a cocktail in Shanghai, absolutely.  ZeBar is the type of bar you get when a Singaporean movie director and ex-musician from the south of China collaborate on a design concept for a bar and live music venue – there are no limits.

The architectural firm brave enough to collaborate with the duo and take on the project was the team from 3GATTI.  With an incredibly low budget the firm’s client was open-minded to what could be produced.  The form appears complex, but was actually very simple and born from the digital 3D modeling environments where the design team where the concept emerged from.

Utilizing an intriguing play of shadows to produce a striped effect resembling the hide of a zebra, the space was subdivided into slices.  Unlike in other projects, the slices of the digital form were not machine produced, but rather replaced with boards used to make the fines and shape of the interior cut by hand.  Using a projector, all the sections were placed, stenciled out and cut by a human hand.

Completed shockingly quickly, the project was finished in several months; however with no business plan the site remained closed for several years.  Finally completely, the bar plans to open doors by the end of this year just in time for the New Year!

[Via Dezeen]

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