Restaurant Design: Allure Nightclub by Orbit Design Studio

Legendary restaurateurs Cipriani launched their very first nightclub – Allure Nightclub. This is completed and designed by Orbit Design Studio. The design brief was to create a nightclub/restaurant design that will cater to the highest end of international luxury crowd specifically because of its location.

It is located on the exclusive Yas Island marina placement and development that overlooks Formula 1 race track.

Despite this challenge, Orbit Design Studio has met and – in fact – exceeded all expectations by creating an amazing restaurant space design through the combination of sensual, nautical seating with the fractal ceiling and walls. The designer then finished it with infinite color control especially in The Main Room.

Glamor is added into the restaurant interiors including the pink gold leaf and distinct bronze cladding. There is also the Terrace overlooking the race track and VIP tables as well as PODs for people who have great desires to indulge.

Finally, what I see as extremely elegant and sophisticated is the exclusive elevator for VIPs and all the design elements combined resulted to Allure, which placed it on top of the luxury clubs. (via)

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