Restaurant Design : Ara Pizza by Pablo Tellez

Just like slices to a pizza, the triangular design of Ara Pizza has you wanting more – thankfully in this case not making you feel regretfully stuffed.  Newly opened in Barcelona, the design by Pablo Tellez uses a clever approach that may have its fast food patrons lingering a little longer then they originally expected.

In a color palette that goes in the opposite direction of your typical pizza spot, the clever neutral design allows for a different view to be enjoyed, from almost any seat in the house.  The design team at Pablo Tellez took on the challenge of reconverting an almost rectangular old smith’s workshop, where it’s best attribute was an outstanding high ceiling.  The space was impressively divided in two main areas, the first being dedicated to produce take away or home service deliveries, while the second area being dedicated to serve customers staying for lunch or dinner.

Distinguishing the two minimally designed spaces, beyond the impressively high ceilings, is the use of color.  Being the most frequented space, the second area utilizes a calming neutral palette, while the employee focused area contrasts with its use of warm yet vibrant colors.  Most of the daily movement occurs in the second area, and has the most design impact for customers to enjoy and relax in.

Taking a closer look, the ceiling is not the only piece of the puzzle to this design solution.  Thoughtful consideration was also taken when selecting the furniture, specifically the tables.  Enjoying a meal anywhere from a party of one to a party of ten or more – the specially shaped tables can be overlapped, and essentially help to define the space, depending on who is visiting the space throughout the day.  To compliment the tables, Kartell chairs were selected for their lightness and flexible, easy-to-move design.

In very contrasting colors to the wall, the artwork adorning the restroom doors is quite a fun and adds an unexpected twist.  The hand drawn artwork moves away from any stereotypical fast food or pizza images, and instead provides a fun and modern visual to the rooms.

Pablo Tellez opened in 2009, and has since been a making a mark in the industry for their signature-oriented interior design and furniture design.  Prior to its establishment, Tellez had participated in various group exhibitions, collaborated with Landscaping magazine, and was published in various journals.  In 2007 he founded Landscape urbanism Itopia sL (, a company focused on the fields of landscape and public space.

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