Restaurant Design: Buddha-Bar Restaurant

For me, Buddha-Bar Restaurant is one of a kind and even if a lot of people would say that nothing beats Paris original especially the magic it provides I still think that its sister establishment is a healthy competition. Its restaurant design is unique and will definitely stand out. In fact, at a glance the sculpture caught my attention right away – I believe this is the focal point of design for this beautiful restaurant.

Buddha-Bar Restaurant has closed its doors about two years ago but it has now returned to London with revenge – both in setting and ownership. The amazing restaurant occupies two levels and it features an imposingly fashionable and elegant interior. Here, you will see the meticulous blending of Asian and colonial appeal.

As I have mentioned, the focal point of design which is the Buddha sculpture has been created by popular artist David Begbie that was made from a sheet of bronze mesh. In addition, the artist also made a complementing wall-mounted artwork consisting of 207 brass figures of Buddha. The artwork and Buddha made the restaurant interiors really elegant and astonishing – to say the least.

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