Restaurant Design: Funkalistic Restaurant in Stockholm by Codesign

The strict 60’s architecture of the building where Funkalistic is created has been the primary inspiration for the restaurant interiors developed and created by Codesign.

In addition, the exterior brick façade of the building has been brought within the interiors using the golden mosaic bands. Despite the historic 60s architecture, Codesign has given the interiors modernism by using the color scheme of light blue and warm brown.

I found the customized table tops very inspiring, which are created from terrazzo concrete. Blue glass aggregates were utilized to provide visual lightness of the design scheme. It continued towards the blue dining chairs transparencies.

The designers implemented the floor plan that rationalized a welcoming and accommodating entrance and the unique addition of comfort rooms by this same area.

There are three different zones for the dining area including the – lounge area by the entrance provided with cozy furniture where coffee and drinks are served, raised podium and the centrally-located area where you can find typical bentwood bar stools that are painted with a shade of baby blue. (via)
Photo Credits: Brendan Austin

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