Restaurant Design: Kinugawa Japanese Restaurant in Paris by Gilles & Boissier

Fine dining is not just about the food – other times it considers the atmosphere primarily brought about by the restaurant design and what better way to demonstrate what this means by checking out Kinugawa. This Parisian heritage restaurant serves Japanese cuisine and it has drawing out customers for three decades.

The beautiful restaurant simply looks gorgeous especially with its classic-meets-modern style. Paris architectural firm Gilles & Boissier was tasked to give a new direction for the amazing restaurant and the result goes far beyond astonishing despite the somewhat challenging environment in terms of dining. I must say that this particular design can divide onlookers’ opinion – but the skillful implementation of the architects particularly in the restaurant interiors.

The interactive designs implemented on the dining room specifically on the flooring, seating and tableware as well as the décor on the pillars and walls are all clearly distinct from each other without sacrificing continuity of style. The elements found on the dining room were great-looking in lighter shade with some highlights. The walls and pillars, on the other hand, have razor sharp design but uncompromising and unyielding all at the same time.

This is the kind of hospitality design that can lure customers in on first glance. In addition to the great cuisine served, the sensual design oozes out from all of its corners making it a very interesting place visually.

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