Restaurant Design: La Cucineria Restaurant in Rome, Italy by NOSES Architects

Am I playing chess? This is the kind of feeling I get when I look at La Cucineria, which is designed and completed by NOSES Architects. They started the project in 2011 and finished it this year. The firm is headed by Luca Gasparini and Mohamed Keilani and they completed this restaurant design with flying colors.

The beautiful restaurant is stunning and dazzling – but not in a luxurious kind of way. Its simplicity and amazing quality is what makes it stand out. The restaurant space has a grid-like quality – and everything looks filled of 2D cubes connected to each other. The edges are sharp but softened by the contrasting color of black and white.

I love how the designers picked the contrasting color scheme, which allowed the elegance of the restaurant space ooze out of all of its corners. This amazing restaurant has simple elegance that evokes the feeling of being welcome and accommodated especially when the materials are predominantly wood. I have soft spot for classic designs like this. (via)

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  • Easy Home Concepts
    December 25, 2012

    The whole restaurant interior layout is similar to a chessboard because of its floor design. In other words, the place looks beautiful and sophisticated.

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