Restaurant Design: Noma Restaurant by SPACE Architecture & Interior Design

If you want to look at something maximally classic, Noma Restaurant is probably one of the designs that are jaw-dropping when it comes to the word “classic.” In addition to its classic restaurant design, it is also important that I mention the term “simplicity” to the concept.

This project was completed by SPACE Architecture & Interior Design – the 2-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark that was run by Chef Rene Redzepi. Noma comes from two Danish words “nordisk” – meaning Nordic and “mad” – that literally means food. The beautiful restaurant is popular for reinventing and interpreting the Nordic Cuisine.

The amazing restaurant is specifically situated in an old warehouse, in Christianshavn waterfront – a neighborhood at central Copenhagen. The architecture can be seen by the Greenlandic Trading Square, which was the center for trade for different places including Finnmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland and in particular – Greenland for two centuries.

It was previously turned into a North Atlantic House in 2004 – a center for art and culture for the North Atlantic region and today you will see that it is now an amazing restaurant launched by Redzepi and Meyer.

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