Restaurant Design: Petersham Nurseries Café & Shop

The design of this café – the Petersham Nurseries Café  in Richmond, London – is highly unusual. This is where nature becomes a major part of the design. It is a store and café in one where you can find simple, delicious cooking within a beautiful and breathtaking setting amidst flowers and plants.

The furniture and fixtures have been well-thought of and they used antique tables especially in the main glasshouse. As a café, you can enjoy short lunch menus for six days in a week. You can choose from the seasonally inspired dishes that were created from the best, carefully chosen and naturally fresh-produced ingredients. In addition, edible flowers and herbs from the Petersham House Walled Kitchen Garden were also used to supplement the menu.

As a store, the space represents the designer’s exceptional taste in quality, which in my opinion would complement the delicious taste of the food produced – not only will the customers enjoy the food but will also be able to immerse in a natural setting of the restaurant interior.

Everything sold in this restaurant/store has been organically produced, which guarantees healthy living. And, I must say that the design complemented this very aspect.

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