Restaurant Design: Pisacco Bistro by Vudafieri Saverino

Do you know when magic happens? It is when a group of people with entirely different backgrounds but come together for the same passion and create a modern design and unadorned Italian cuisine. This adequately describes the physical manifestation of Pisacco Bistro – this is a great addition to the stylish bar/dining scenes in Europe. The restaurant design was completed and implemented by the partners – Vudafieri Saverino with art collection, architectural, manager and lawyer backgrounds.

The range of concepts added with creativity has created a combination of sleek style and bold stylishness to the beautiful restaurant and I concede to the fact that the restaurant space actually has blurred delineation of the dining and service areas particularly in the open bar area. The amazing restaurant is divided into two distinct floors: upper floor consisting of the bar and café and the lower floor consisting of the restaurant, which is abundant with natural light done through the large glass windows.

Vudafieri Saverino – the architects responsible for the magic in Pisacco – paid homage to the original structure by exposing the brickwork on the arched ceiling. Only, it was enhanced with colored paint thus inviting light into space while keeping the original and authentic features of the building without sacrificing the bistro’s own identity.

The architects sprinkled complimentary modern design elements such as the carefully chosen furniture and artworks that served as highlights and enhancement of the space so that it looks quirky and charming. In addition, they made full use of an incredible lighting scheme so that the mood is perfectly set. I also love how the furniture is chosen – apparent craftsmanship and excellent care for the materials during its design.

As I mentioned previously, the use of large glass windows and mirrored walls allowed for the entry of abundant natural light within the space. The entire space allowed for maximum usage and entertainment. In my opinion, the overall impression of the space is accessible and definitely inviting. While the diners are provided with fun, lively setting, the amazing Italian cuisine will surely complete the scene. This restaurant design is definitely impressive with focus on comfort and originality by stripping any pretension or exclusivity of the space. (Via)

photo © Santi Caleca

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