Restaurant Design: Poncelet Cheese Bar by Gabriel Corchero Studio

If I am going to describe Poncelet Cheese Bar in one word, it would be “unique.” This restaurant design is completed by Gabriel Corchero Studio, which in my humble grasp of the concept was inspired by nature and creating an environment-friendly space. All design elements found in this design revolve primarily within this premise hence creating a beautiful restaurant that has the cutting edge design but the most innovative and timeless.

True to the given concept, the designers used materials such as cedar wood to complete the façade. It has been vaporized and protected by varnish treatment to make it environmentally sustainable. For me, this is essential to keep the natural and organic interplay into the design of this amazing restaurant. They also made use of natural light and so abundance of it creeps into the space.

By the entrance, you will notice the significance of animals such as pictures of funny animals vivid with detail that only keen observers will recognize. On the right side, there is the wooden and stainless steel pedestal close to the shelves made from Corian to give it timeless and classic quality. I find the polished white bar extremely impressive – in fact it evokes a feeling of balance and volatility.

The furniture pieces were all custom-made exclusive for Poncelet Cheese Bar and this alone is pretty impressive. It adds style and elegance to the entire restaurant interiors, which would have been different not only by its looks but also in its feeling otherwise.

Architecturally speaking, there are elements that were developed or enhanced so that it creates an authentic and original environment for the restaurant. But the bottom line of all the design elements is the same – our direct relationship with nature and environment. Therefore, the designers gave more emphasis on function and performance but did not sacrifice style and design, whatsoever.

The design itself became a comical entertainment for diners who want to experience significantly memorable fine dining. Yet, I found this design not entirely comical but a representation – a kind of symbolism – that we are one with the environment as stated by its primary concept and it is not something you can easily get away with.

Special attention was given to detailing including the lighting so it transforms the place into a place where the interplay of warmth and harmony is apparent. The superficial textures are something that provides them feelings of coziness and warmth. (via)

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